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Kate Hudson boob job

Kate Hudson Boob Job Before and After

Hollywood life is very identical with plastic surgery, almost all the Hollywood celebrities has been enhanced with plastic surgery. It cannot be denied that plastic surgery has become a hot trend among celebrities; even the top actresses like Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have been going under the surgeon’s knife to support their career in the entertainment industry. The plastic surgery procedures they had is vary, they may have a boob job (breast implants), nose job or even butt implants like Nicki Minaj have. Among those plastic surgery procedures, breast implant is the top procedure which is done by the celebrity, including Kate Hudson. »

Angelababy plastic surgery

Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery is not only popular among Hollywood celebrity, but it’s also favored by Chinese celebrity. Angelababy, whose real name is Angela Yeung, a model, actress, and singer of Hong-Kong, is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery. From her photos, people can see how Angelababy has changed into a different person. Her look is different from the former Angelababy 7 years ago. This 24 year old actress is rumored has had a nose job, double eyelid surgery, chin surgery, and filler on her cheeks to improve her look. The proof can be seen from her photos that widely spread. She used to have smaller eyes and the recent eyes look slightly bigger; so many people speculated that she has had d... »

Fergie Plastic Surgery before and after

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After

If there is a list of Hollywood celebrities who had undergone plastic surgery, Fergie must be found on the list. Stacey Ferguson, or commonly called as Fergie is a famous Hollywood celebrity who was known to go under the knife to elevate her beauty. Some surgical treatments were done to modify some parts of her body. Boob job, nose job and Botox injection are several surgical procedures done by this female star. Fergie plastic surgery has been a trending topic in the media. Confirming the plastic surgery rumors, Fergie frankly admitted that she used Botox injections to change her facial expression. »

Tara Reid boob job

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tara Reid has successfully reached the stardom, but ironically the plastic surgery she has done in the opposite from her successful acting career. Tara Reid, 37, has long become a center of public attention; she has been rumored to have had several procedures to enhance her look, but all of them not successfully done.  She has been reported to have had a boob job (breast augmentation) and stomach liposuction. »

Emily Procter boob job

Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Before and After

Emily Procter has successfully enhanced her beauty by going under the knife. The rumors of Emily Procter plastic surgery buzzes as some photos spread widely among the public. The photos compared Emily Procter before and after plastic surgery. Even though some people claim that Emily Procter did not have any kinds of plastic surgery, the photos tell differently. Rumor has it that she has undergone Botox, filler and boob job as well. The after plastic surgery photos show Emily Procter with her smooth skin and puffy face. Her fans argued that she got the puffiness due to her pregnancy. »

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