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Vida Guerra plastic surgery before and after

Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery – Boob Job & Butt Implants

Fitness model Vida Guerra is one of many models that have received breast augmentation surgery. In her most recent case of cosmetic surgery, she was partly trying to counteract some of the physical consequences of her various fitness competitions. People that do fitness training at a very high level will often lose most of their body fat. Women that do a significant level of fitness training may lose or diminish their curves for that reason. Indeed, she talked about the fact that she no longer had cleavage in photographs. She did not discuss whether or not she was specifically worried that these kinds of physical changes were going to affect her career. »

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Before and After

Taking a Hit in Hollywood With the recent cancellation of Whitney Cumming’s comedic talk show, the sometimes raunchy, foul-mouthed (yet forever hot) actress recently told Howard Stern she was obviously disappointed with NBC’s decision to give her show the boot, and on a personal note, even though she understands “things happen” and it was more “business than personal” her self-esteem, self-image and self-confidence definitely took a hit as well. »

Linda Thompson plastic surgery

Linda Thompson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Linda Thompson is Elvis Presley’s former love interest and Bruce Jenner’s former wife. However, she might also be known for the serious plastic surgery procedures that have brought the sixty year old notoriety. Linda does not seem to age in her photos that is very strange for a sixty year old Beauty Queen. »

Christina Ricci Breast Reduction

Christina Ricci Breast Reduction Before & After

Peter Pan Syndrome Personified Who can forget Christina Ricci as gloom doom child “Wednesday” in The Addams Family movies? Or as the wide-eyed innocent daughter of Bill Pullman in the film “Caspar,” based on the childhood classic cartoon “Casper the Friendly Ghost.” These days, Ricci is all grown up, however recent tabloid fodder regarding supposed breast reduction seems to suggest that the actress wants to maintain her childhood looks.  With plastic surgery rumors running rampant, the main story is the breast reduction procedure, rather than go the traditional breast enhancement surgery that most women want. Ricci claims the rumors are untrue and that she has never had this type of su... »

Kate Hudson boob job

Kate Hudson Boob Job Before and After

Hollywood life is very identical with plastic surgery, almost all the Hollywood celebrities has been enhanced with plastic surgery. It cannot be denied that plastic surgery has become a hot trend among celebrities; even the top actresses like Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have been going under the surgeon’s knife to support their career in the entertainment industry. The plastic surgery procedures they had is vary, they may have a boob job (breast implants), nose job or even butt implants like Nicki Minaj have. Among those plastic surgery procedures, breast implant is the top procedure which is done by the celebrity, including Kate Hudson. »