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When it comes to the topic of Kim Zolciak’s surgery, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Don’t Be Tardy” the celebrity doesn’t like to indulge in this conversation. The reality star has undergone significant transformation, ever since her first appearance on TV.

Due to the change, several people criticized her, while asking questions on whether she went under the knife. Imagine getting hoarded by ridiculous questions regularly everywhere she goes.

However, the celebrity always manages to handle these types of situations with class, a testament to her strong character. In the past, Kim Zolciak got a tummy tuck, but she states that it wasn’t to change her body makeup or size.

Kim Zolciak has gotten plastic surgery before

At the same time, she admitted to getting a cosmetic procedure for her boobs. She had to take treatment for her hernia, which is extremely painful if left. The celebrity claims that she has been getting Botox injections, ever since she was young. While the initial reason was to help treat her migraine, she continued to receive them for her lips.

She got her skin tightened by undergoing Ulthera, which is a special type of treatment. Fans will always remember the celebrity in season three of Real Housewives of Atlanta. During this episode, she consumed soda, chicken fingers, and pizza, while undergoing fat-melting laser.

Kim Zolciak wants her fans to know that she is still the same person, who is ready to try everything in the world. She added that not everything would work as well as patented water soluble CBD expected and people should be okay with that.

One allegation that the celebrity doesn’t like is how people keep pointing out that she got a nose job. However, she makes it clear that she got it from her mother’s side of the family, something she is proud of, even today.

She even went to the length of taking side-by-side pics with her children, Kaia and Brielle and posting them on Instagram. However, it was only successful for a short period, as haters continued to criticize her for how her nose looks.

Take a look at the pic below to see whether her nose looks similar to her daughters. To be honest, it is quite clear that the celebrity has the same nasal features as her children.

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She went into great deal on why she doesn’t plan on changing her nasal features at the moment. As her septum is out of place, it would be quite obvious to the observer, if she got a nose job. However, she does plan on fixing this problem in the future.


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Life is challenging for kim zolciak after plastic surgery as a mother of two

When it comes to the story of plastic surgery and her children, the celebrity has a different stance on this topic. She is against them undergoing the knife, as she believes everyone should be happy with their bodies.

Several times, her daughter Brielle felt uncomfortable with her weight, as several people commented on her profile. They went to the extent of calling her fat while saying other mean things. As a result of these comments, Brielle worked hard in the gym to lose 30 lbs.

During this difficult time for her daughter, Kim Zolciak wants people to know that she wants her children to accept themselves, irrespective of their size.

According to Kim Zolciak, social media is making things difficult for individuals, as it complicates several things. With the rise in popular narcotics for cosmetic surgery, it isn’t surprising to see people have different opinions about it.

Although Kim Zolciak is against her children undergoing plastic surgery, she believes fillers don’t fall into the same category. She is quite clear on this topic, as she doesn’t want to confuse her daughters in any way possible.


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