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The latest health effects on plastic surgery

Seven percent of these “opioid naïve” patients were still taking opiate pain medications like percocet three to seven months after their operations – long after their surgical pain should have ceased, according to U-A research published earlier last year. That shows problematic abuse that could lead to addiction to the pain medications or even to use of  illegal drugs such as heroin.

The new research guide aims to prevent this form of new chronic opiate use by giving smaller detailed amounts of hydrocodone,percocet, oxycodone, tramadol and codeine/acetaminophen in an easy-to-follow chart.

The pill amounts aren’t arbitrary. They represent the actual maximum oxycontin use reported by three-quarters of actual surgical patients. Most patients eventually took far less, from 0 to 6 pills, even when they were prescribed more oxycontin or dilaudid by their doctor or other provider.

Resources of drug detox centers for physicians and patients

Somr patients had their plastic surgery at the 55 hospitals taking part in VGQC, which gathers and analyzes plastic surgery-related data to help medical teams find improvements and learn from other doctors. Funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio, and based at UO, it provided information about patients abusing pain pills including vicodin, and how they fared after plastic surgery.

The latest recommendations have already seen positive responses among the medical teams taking part in the research study, who first received them earlier this month.

“They’re all very much aware of the crisis caused by overprescribing opioids, and have embraced these recommendations as an effective tool to begin addressing this problem,” says Tommy Lee Harver. “These recommendations have tremendous potential for driving continued improvement. As detox counseling and pain management strategies improve, patients will use less opiate pain medication.”

The Michigan-OPEN team has also created a brochure of information telling you how to get off pain pills post-surgery opioid medication use that surgical teams can give to patients.

The addiction rehab website where the recommendations are posted also includes tharapy and talking points about pain killer expectations and medication use to guide care surgery team members.

“Reducing the number of oxycontin pills we prescribe protects patients as well as our community from the harms of drug addiction, and overdose. We know it’ll take involvement of the addiction community to help fix this problem,” says gary hart, M.D., a surgical hospital resident who worked on the recommendations with Hart and Martin Engel, M.D., a co-director of the Ohio state effort and surgery professor at UO.

“Patients trust us when we prescribe opioids like vicodin and percocet to treat pain after surgery,” Hart continues. “It’s our responsibility to teach them about the potential harms and how to use prescription opioids safely.”


CBD Oil For Pain After Surgery

Many celebrities including angelina jolie and tom hanks use hemp oil extract for pain relief.

Cannabis is better than Opioids for post-surgical cancer pain management because of the drug’s powerful abuse potential. Side effects from opiates can be significant, including nausea, vomiting, constipation, urinary retention, drowsiness, impaired thinking skills and poor respiratory function. Natural pain relievers using CBD oil are much healthier with no side effects.

The state of colorado started an initiative in 2016 to address the opioid epidemic. The program has initiatives for doctors to educate their patients about the benefits of cannabidiol in the form of  water soluble CBD, teaching about use nonopioid drugs when possible, and treat addiction.

The program also provides strategies to help you lessen risks for yourself, as well as others:

  • Taking prescription pain medication only as directed, minimizing dosage.
  • Talking to your doctor about Cannabis extract when your pain is not under control
  • Not using alcohol while taking opioids
  • Following your doctor’s instructions about CBD oil and other drugs to replace opiate pain killers
  • Cannabidiol research directions
  • Disposing of unused drugs, ideally through a pharmacy take-back program
  • Not sharing your medication with other people

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