Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before & After

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before & After

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery has shocked many fans; it has been mentioned that she has had numerous surgery to boost her appearance. The procedures are multiple nose jobs (rhinoplasty); Botox, fillers, noninvasive facelift, chemical peels and possibly a boob job as well.

In the past few years, you may already know that she has admitted she has had four time nose job (rhinoplasty). She told the media that she was having a deviated septum and breathing problems, so then she needed a rhinoplasty to fix them.
While Diaz told the surgery was for medical reasons, many celebrity watchers and celebrity gossip websites believe that it was not only for medical, but also cosmetic enhancement.

Cameron Diaz Nose Job

She is not the only one of Hollywood celebrities who had a nose job for medical reason. Jennifer Aniston and Ashley Tisdale also have admitted to having a rhinoplasty to repair a deviated septum.

In addition to having a nose job, she was also rumored to have a deal with Botox or fillers. If we are judging her recent photos, it is obvious her face looks fresher, smoother and shinier than before. It indicates that Botox or fillers play an important role to create such stunning look.

Additionally, Cameron’s face looks fuller and puffier than ever which could be, as a result, of filler injection. Well, it is no doubt if filler can effectively reduce the wrinkles, but when it is overused, it can give you such bloated, puffy face and chipmunk cheeks. In Cameron’s case, it is still hard to tell whether her fuller face is the result of filler or weight gain.

Cameron Diaz Breast Implants

Another sign of surgery she has had is a boob job. If we are comparing her old photos and the most recent one, it does appear that her breast size is slightly bigger than before.

What do you think? Does she have breast implants? Please feel free to speak your mind…

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  1. Reply

    What a shame another beautiful woman has fallen for the lie that is plastic Surgery. A stunning woman made into a fabulous mistake. This proves that being who you are is better than what the media want you to believe you should be. Diaz, would be a much more beautiful lady if she allowed time to show who she is and what she has done. Time is not the enemy, surgery is.

  2. Reply

    Seriously? The only difference I see is her breast size. Her nose looks exactly the same in all photos and on screen. Leave Cameron alone. She’s an awesome lady and one that actually can stay “real” with the public. Hard to do, I feel fairly certain, in the Hollywood machine.

    • Reply

      She was so beautiful in The Mask.

      Now she looks like Jim Carrey in The Mask. All rubber-faced and weird lookin’.

  3. Reply

    She has had at leat 3 nose jobs. Watch The Mask, her nose projected and was very round at tip. Got that hacked off to a pug nose job. Then got the pinched clothespin nose job, OVERSIZED cheekbone implants and a bad brow/eye surgery if you look at her eyes in Mask and her next movie, Mary, complete different eyes/face and why she chopped her hair after Mask.

    Tobs of drugs got her looking like a 60 yr old prune at 35, now much older.

    • Reply

      yes! completley agree! I noticed immediately several years ago when it first happened..for some reason no one would believe me…She is one of my very favorites,… loved her original adorable imperfect, slightly off set nose! That’s what made her so adorable! she was so beautiful all personality and that made her imperfect nose completely absolutely imperfectly perfect! I have a nose that is slightly asymmetrical and I’m always self conscious in photos but then when I saw gorgeous Cameron Diaz for the first time, I noticed hers was like mine and it made me feel so good that she was so beautiful and not perfect! I was so disappointed to see the nose job and can see how much it took away from her original beauty and def aged her…I only noticed im sure because of my insecurity! Well that made me realize my future goal of getting a nose job is def “OUT! Thanks Cameron!

  4. Reply

    And she writes some book called aging gracefully!?? Rediculous!

  5. Reply

    I am watching The Mask and her boobs looks bigger than they do in her newer movies bahahaha!! Hhmm…..

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