Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery Before and After

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery before and after

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery has become a public attention. Many celebrity watchers and celebrity gossip websites claimed that she has had several plastic surgery procedures to enhance her look. Well, to know whether the rumor is true or not, we try to investigate by comparing her old photos and the most recent one.

From the photo comparison, it does appear to me that she has had several surgery procedures such as eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), Botox injection, facelift and other fillers. When she was being asked about the rumor, Greta admitted that she had done something to change her appearance; she uses eye lift plastic surgery (Blepharoplasty) to make her eyes better. You will see that is true, it makes her look more beautiful without wrinkles or small lines around her eyes. Actually, she has not finished yet with her eyes. She also uses Botox injection, fillers and face lift to smoothen and tighten her facial skin.

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery

If we are observing her current facial appearance, it seems that the surgery does not go well or successful enough. The facial skin is too far from natural. It is like that she overdone it. The choice may become her age which is quite old to do surgery or there are too many wrinkles and lines. Whatever it is, she has made it overly. This makes her face such a fake. Overall, Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery is not successfully done, she looks stiff and unnatural.

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    i am not concerned about her looks; i want her to stop screeching. As a former tv interviewer of 40 years ago, i admire her style and her ability, but her voice gets so unattractive sometimes that i can no longer keep the tv on. I cant stand that shrill tone.
    Please fix this.. Will speech therapy help?

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