Mariah Carey Boob Job Before & After

Mariah Carey is bodacious and she always has been. The beautiful songbird, who is married to the younger and oh so handsome Nick Cannon, has been rumored to have had several plastic surgeries over the years.
The Mottola Years

When married to her first husband, Tommy Mottola, in 1993 she appeared to have been fresh faced and untouched by the surgical knife. There does appear to have been some changes made since then that may have included a boob job and other cosmetic surgeries. Her nose has a definite different appearance and Botox has been suspected as well.

Mariah Carey Boob Job Before and After

With Nick Cannon

Since marrying Nick Cannon in 2008, Mariah seems to have found the fountain of youth and seems to have been drinking liberally from its water supply. We should all be as lucky as she is.

Mariah Carey Breast Implants

And Babies Make Four

While Mariah denies claims of going under the knife, there is a definite change in her bust measurements since giving birth to her son, Moroccan Scott Cannon, and her daughter, Monroe Cannon in April of 2011. She has reportedly made statements that any changes are due to the loss of baby weight and natural body changes since giving birth. While Mariah is definitely blessed by God in the vocal department and is a natural beauty from birth, she would be among a chosen few who gained in breast size after breastfeeding twins, which she has been reported to have done. God grants us many gifts in life but the gift of a natural bust enhancement after breastfeeding twins is not generally among those endowments.


Whatever the source of her changes in appearance and no matter if they are another gift from God or from the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon, Mariah just keeps getting better and better. Her voice has improved with age and so has her physical beauty.

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