Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After

Fergie boob job

If there is a list of Hollywood celebrities who had undergone plastic surgery, Fergie must be found on the list. Stacey Ferguson, or commonly called as Fergie is a famous Hollywood celebrity who was known to go under the knife to elevate her beauty. Some surgical treatments were done to modify some parts of her body. Boob job, nose job and Botox injection are several surgical procedures done by this female star. Fergie plastic surgery has been a trending topic in the media. Confirming the plastic surgery rumors, Fergie frankly admitted that she used Botox injections to change her facial expression.

However, she did not admit the other surgical procedures such as a nose job and breast augmentation. In fact that, the before and after pictures show a very significant distinction both on her nose and her boob plastic surgery. If you want to take a look at both pictures, you will find that the shape of her nose has changed. The bridge is thinner and it is pinched now. The picture shows that Fergie has gone under the knife to change the shape of her nose. She looks more beautiful after using Botox injections and taking nose job. Still, it looks unnatural and fake.

Fergie Plastic Surgery before and after

Another plastic surgery procedure done by Fergie is breast augmentation. Her boobs are now fuller and bigger in size. The shape is more perfect than before. Now, she starts to expose her boobs as it looks voluptuous. Even more, some reports claimed that there are some other surgical procedures. It covers cheek lift, brow lift and jaw implant. It is quite surprising to know the list of plastic surgeries done by Fergie.  If it is true, Fergie has to face the world with her fake face. Honestly, even though she looks beautiful, people can easily find that her beauty is artificial.

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