Kate Hudson Boob Job Before and After

Kate Hudson boob job

Hollywood life is very identical with plastic surgery, almost all the Hollywood celebrities has been enhanced with plastic surgery. It cannot be denied that plastic surgery has become a hot trend among celebrities; even the top actresses like Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have been going under the surgeon’s knife to support their career in the entertainment industry.

The plastic surgery procedures they had is vary, they may have a boob job (breast implants), nose job or even butt implants like Nicki Minaj have. Among those plastic surgery procedures, breast implant is the top procedure which is done by the celebrity, including Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson has long been rumored to have had a boob job (breast implants). Public start to speculate that she has had a boob job, as her new bust size appears bigger than before. If we are taking a comparison of her old photos and the new one, she used to have small and flat breast, and the new breast appears slightly bigger, but still looks natural. Many think that she has chosen small breast implants to enhance her natural beauty and create a more subtle look.

What plastic surgeons say about Kate Hudson boob job?

Dr. John DI Saia, a California plastic surgeon says “Kate Hudson is likely having small breast implants; the result is very nice and not overdone”. While, Dr. Michael Salzhauer says “Kate Hudson seems to have breast implants from A cup to small C cup”.

Well, I think Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj need to learn from Kate Hudson how to choose a subtle and realistic breast enhancement.

What do you think? Does Kate Hudson breast look natural? Please feel free to share your thought…..

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