Boob Job

Vida Guerra plastic surgery before and after

Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery – Boob Job & Butt Implants

Fitness model Vida Guerra is one of many models that have received breast augmentation surgery. In her most recent case of cosmetic surgery, she was partly trying to counteract some of the physical consequences of her various fitness competitions. People that do fitness training at a very high level will often lose most of their body fat. Women that do a significant level of fitness training may l... »

Christina Ricci Breast Reduction

Christina Ricci Breast Reduction Before & After

Peter Pan Syndrome Personified Who can forget Christina Ricci as gloom doom child “Wednesday” in The Addams Family movies? Or as the wide-eyed innocent daughter of Bill Pullman in the film “Caspar,” based on the childhood classic cartoon “Casper the Friendly Ghost.” These days, Ricci is all grown up, however recent tabloid fodder regarding supposed breast reduction seems to suggest that the ... »

Kate Hudson boob job

Kate Hudson Boob Job Before and After

Hollywood life is very identical with plastic surgery, almost all the Hollywood celebrities has been enhanced with plastic surgery. It cannot be denied that plastic surgery has become a hot trend among celebrities; even the top actresses like Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have been going under the surgeon’s knife to support their career in the entertainment industry. The pl... »

Fergie Plastic Surgery before and after

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After

If there is a list of Hollywood celebrities who had undergone plastic surgery, Fergie must be found on the list. Stacey Ferguson, or commonly called as Fergie is a famous Hollywood celebrity who was known to go under the knife to elevate her beauty. Some surgical treatments were done to modify some parts of her body. Boob job, nose job and Botox injection are several surgical procedures done by th... »

Emily Procter boob job

Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Before and After

Emily Procter has successfully enhanced her beauty by going under the knife. The rumors of Emily Procter plastic surgery buzzes as some photos spread widely among the public. The photos compared Emily Procter before and after plastic surgery. Even though some people claim that Emily Procter did not have any kinds of plastic surgery, the photos tell differently. Rumor has it that she has undergone ... »

Sara Jean Underwood breast implants

Sara Jean Underwood Boob Job Before and After

Model and actress Sara Jean Underwood is perhaps best known for being chosen as Playboy Playmate of the year in 2007. While she has done a fair amount of acting on TV and movies, her fan base is still made up mostly of people who knew her as a pin-up girl. In the past couple of years, rumors of Sara Jean Underwood boob job have spread online, especially in forums and chat rooms that discuss hot Ho... »

Demi Moore plastic surgery

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

Demi Moore, 50, stays looking so youthful, in fact she is no longer young. Many celebrity watchers and celebrity gossip websites believe that she has had numerous treatments to keep her youthful look, including plastic surgery touched up. In the past, some tabloid claimed that Moore is obsessed to look for eternal youth, as she feels insecure after marrying younger husband Ashton Kutcher. So, she ... »

Alexa Vega plastic surgery

Alexa Vega Plastic Surgery Before and After

The new appearance of Alexa Vega after plastic surgery is quite surprising. Alexa Vega, a famous singer and actress in America, looks pretty although she does not use makeup. But, surprising rumor informs us that she has got plastic surgery. She has begun to be known as she took a role in spy kids. However she does not feel quite pretty then she decides to make a change on her body to get perfect ... »

Dannii Minogue plastic surgery

Dannii Minogue Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Like it or not, plastic surgery is trending, more and more people are going under the knife. It is currently one of the most common things in the world today, especially among middle aged women. There are few people who choose to remain vague about the fact that they’ve been under the knife and choose to keep the public playing the guessing game. “It’s no one’s business anyway”, they snap. For the... »

Dolly Parton plastic surgery before and after

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dolly Parton plastic surgery has transformed her face to look like a dolly. Dolly Rebecca Parton, 67, has long been reported to be obsessed to look for eternal youth, and nowadays it doesn’t seem she stop having any procedures to fight the aging. Parton is no stranger to surgery, in the past you may already know that she has admitted to having numerous surgery procedures such as a boob job (... »