Sara Jean Underwood Boob Job Before and After

Sara Jean Underwood breast implants

Model and actress Sara Jean Underwood is perhaps best known for being chosen as Playboy Playmate of the year in 2007. While she has done a fair amount of acting on TV and movies, her fan base is still made up mostly of people who knew her as a pin-up girl.

In the past couple of years, rumors of Sara Jean Underwood boob job have spread online, especially in forums and chat rooms that discuss hot Hollywood celebrities and models. As a former Playboy Playmate and an aspiring sex symbol, it is not surprising that Sara Jean would covet larger breasts, notwithstanding the fact that her original set is great to begin with.

Sara Jean Underwood boob job

A number of photos, some of which are selfies taken by Underwood herself, prove that she really did get some work done on her breasts. She went from a small B cup to a double D, which is quite hard to miss. It has to be said, however, that her plastic surgeon did a very good job with the procedure considering how natural her breasts look, even at their present size. Full and round but not too over the top like other ladies who we shan’t quite name. Not a lot of women can get away with natural looking implants, especially when the rest of the world knows what their original chest looked like.

The implants are not the only thing that Sara Jean got in order to change her looks. She also had a nose job a few years back, which made it look narrower and thinner at the bridge. These days, many people are calling her Barbie since her latest enhancements as well as her blonde hair lends her the look of this popular doll. It is unknown whether she had other work done on her body apart from the two mentioned.

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