Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery

Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery Before & After

Staying youthful and fresh is probably something that every Hollywood star and celebrity dreams of. In doing so, many of these superstars rely on plastic surgery to improve their looks and slow down the aging process to stay youthful and beautiful. Jennifer Esposito is one of those actresses who have publicly admitted to having undergone the knife to improve her appearance.

Jennifer, unfortunately had surgery that didn’t go so well that she had to file a lawsuit against a plastic surgeon because of the unsuccessful attempt of going under the knife. To date, she seems to be trying to unwind the clock to achieve a younger look, but all she has achieved so far is looking like she’s had a nightmare of a surgery.

While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what went wrong with her surgery procedure, the result is just awkward and weird, and just plain strange-looking. Recently the media noticed a different transformation that happened to her face. Amongst her unsightly effects are burn marks on one side of her face (believed to be as a result of failed pigmentation treatments), misplaced facial fillers, wrongly administered Botox injections and a facelift that left her mouth looking as if it is always in pain.

Facial fillers were injected to her cheeks to make the cheekbones (which were high anyway) look even higher and plumper. The result of this was a face with a popping nose and mouth. The sunken look on her cheeks looks very unnatural and makes her expressions look like she is very pained.

As for the Botox injections, she is not the first Hollywood star to have gotten bad Botox, but her results are shocking to say the very least. The skin on her face looks unattractive and waxy, while the over saturated regions of her face also look misshapen.

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