Linda Thompson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Linda Thompson plastic surgery before and after

Linda Thompson is Elvis Presley’s former love interest and Bruce Jenner’s former wife. However, she might also be known for the serious plastic surgery procedures that have brought the sixty year old notoriety. Linda does not seem to age in her photos that is very strange for a sixty year old Beauty Queen.

Sources conclude that she has had a series of operations and injections through the years. Linda does want to stay a beauty queen after all, so she keeps up appearances using procedures such as facelift and Botox injections. Other procedures include a brow lift and nose job (Rhinoplasty). She has also had a series of nips and tucks around her eyes and cheek enhancements.

Linda Thompson plastic surgery

Linda has also appeared to have had breast augmentation as well as fillers in her face and lips. Linda does not want one wrinkle or sign of age because she has the appearance of a forty year old. A professional eye  can see that it is Linda Thompson in her photo opportunities. At least so far Linda has not gone off the chart with procedures, although she very well could.

Face fillers have a tendency to drop the features and quite quickly at times in people who use them. Hopefully, she will not rank among those numbers of ladies who have had this happen in Hollywood. It is very obvious that she has had work performed.

No matter how well someone keeps up their physical appearance they cannot begin to grow younger as they get older that is just too amazingly impossible. However, she has been seemingly able to do just this while getting older. If she had found the fountain of youth, Linda would be advertising to just about all of Hollywood and be richer than Donald Trump.

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