Boob Job

Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Before & After

According to recent rumors, actress Jennifer Connelly had a breast reduction. Alternatively, she lost a lot of weight. On the other hand, it could also be that she had breast implants removed and is now back at her natural breast size. Then again, this is Hollywood and rumors cannot always be counted on as a real source. »

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery – Did She Really Get Breast Implants?

Kari Elizabeth Byron is an American TV host who is most popularly known as a cast member of Mythbusters. Over the past few years, rumors about Kari Byron plastic surgery, specifically her getting breast implants, have been circulating. So far, there are yet to be any confirmation of this rumor, whether by Byron’s own admission or photographic evidence. Unlike other Hollywood celebrities, Kar... »

Rihanna Boob Job (Breast Implants) Before & After

Rihanna, the famous singer and actress, is rumored to have a boob job to enhance the size of her breasts. The rumor starts to buzz as Rihanna performs her voluptuous breasts in some of her shows. Some captured images show that Rihanna’s boobs are bigger and fuller than before. Thus, some people believe that Rihanna has gone under the knife to improve her boob’s size. Whether or not the rumor is tr... »

Alyssa Milano Boob Job (Breast Implants) Before & After

Alyssa Milano boob job rumors have been around for more than a decade now, since they first started in the early years of Charmed. Best known as a mainstay in Who’s the Boss TV series, Alyssa shocked fans when she reinvented herself as the ass-kicking witch Phoebe Halliwell. What’s more is that she appears to have grown a lot, especially in terms of breast cup size. »

Alyson Hannigan Boob Job (Breast Implants) Before & After

Alyson Hannigan rose to fame when she landed a coveted role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as Willow Rosenberg. These days, she is popularly known as Lily Eriksen (nee Aldrin) on the recently concluded hit show How I Met Your Mother. While she is not as controversial as other Hollywood actresses, she has her share of experience with intrigue, not the least of which are rumors about Alyson Hannigan b... »

Jennifer Love Hewitt Boob Job Before & After

Another Hollywood babe who is reported had a boob job is Jennifer Love Hewitt. It cannot be denied that Jennifer Love Hewitt massive boobs size is admired by the men, and she also loves showing them off.  Even so, just like the other Hollywood celebrities, Jennifer also denied that she had a boob job. From several occasions, people can see that her breast becomes more attractive for their developi... »

Scarlett Johansson Breast Reduction Before & After

Many celebrities undergo breast enhancement surgery to increase the size of their breasts. They support their decision with several reasons, including the claim that it makes them feel sexier. »