Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Before & After

Jennifer Connelly breast reduction before and after

According to recent rumors, actress Jennifer Connelly had a breast reduction. Alternatively, she lost a lot of weight. On the other hand, it could also be that she had breast implants removed and is now back at her natural breast size. Then again, this is Hollywood and rumors cannot always be counted on as a real source.

While we may never know exactly what Connelly had done, unless she comes out with the truth herself, we do know that something is different about her breast size. In her younger acting days, Connelly’s breast size appeared to be much larger, about a 34D. There have always been rumors that Connelly had a breast implant surgery done early on in her career. She and her publicist have always denied these rumors.

Jennifer Connelly breast reduction

In photos that are more recent however, her breast size resembles more of a B cup, possibly a small C cup. According to her publicist, there has been no breast reduction surgery and the difference in the breast size is simply because of a large weight loss. This could be true, you can see the difference in Connelly’s weight not just in her breasts, but in her waist, face, and even her arms are smaller. In certain photographs, her weight loss looks extreme, which could most definitely account for smaller breasts.

No matter what she did or did not have done, Jennifer Connelly still resembles the impressively gorgeous actress she has always been. She may just be less pain filled now thanks to smaller breasts, be they surgically reduced or naturally reduced from weight loss. This may be one of the rumors that we never get the chance to find out the real story behind a breast size of an actress. However, considering her talent and beauty, her breast size is not the only thing Jennifer Connelly has going for her.

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    she has always had natural boobs, no surguries.

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    She had a breast reduction AND a nose job

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    I noticed the distinct difference in the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. I had not read the credits first when I went to see it and did not recognize her she looked so different compared to the beauty I remember from the movie Hot Spot.

    Still beautiful though, no matter the breast size. I just hope for her sake the reduction was not because of having a double mastectomy or something.

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