Kari Byron Plastic Surgery – Did She Really Get Breast Implants?

Kari Elizabeth Byron is an American TV host who is most popularly known as a cast member of Mythbusters. Over the past few years, rumors about Kari Byron plastic surgery, specifically her getting breast implants, have been circulating. So far, there are yet to be any confirmation of this rumor, whether by Byron’s own admission or photographic evidence. Unlike other Hollywood celebrities, Kari Byron is mostly a low profile individual who likes to keep to herself, especially now that she has a child.

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Before & After

Many have assumed that her enlarged breasts were a result of getting silicone implants, but it could very well just be the happy side effect of getting pregnant and nursing a newborn. There are not a lot of photos of Byron outside the Mythbusters show, but she has frequently been featured in magazines, albeit with all her clothes on, which makes it infinitely hard to ascertain whether she underwent breast augmentation surgery.

She did gain a bit of weight during her pregnancy but has since lost most of it after giving birth. It is natural for women to get plumper on the chest area even years after giving birth, especially for those who opted to breastfeed for as long as possible.

Kari Byron Breast Implants

Byron is not lacking in the looks department at all, which is why many people doubt the validity of the claims that she had implants. In any case, she remains very visible TV personality who also has a strong online presence. She often refers to herself as a science geek, which in part is the reason she landed a role in Mythbusters.

By all accounts, Kari Byron is just like any other career woman in America who happens to find the perfect balance between family and work. As to the plastic surgery rumors circling around, people can decide for themselves based on what they see (or in this case, what they do not see).


  1. Ningen - December 17, 2014, 4:03 am Reply

    She didn’t have any sort of plastic surgery. She had a child. Reference the Mythbusters episodes where she is OBVIOUSLY pregnant!

  2. doorknob47 - December 29, 2014, 3:44 pm Reply

    This is so dumb. The after pic is from an episode where they were testing the myth that bigger boobs result in better tips working in a restaurant. She just had a stuffed bra.

  3. Iooooono - May 19, 2015, 3:43 am Reply

    She didn’t get a boob job ffs… She gained a healthy amount of weight and most of it settled in her tits.

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