Elizabeth Mcgovern Plastic Surgery Before and After

Elizabeth Mcgovern plastic surgery

There are several celebrities who have undergone surgical procedures in their lives. As we often tend to think that this is as a means of lifestyle, most do it as a requirement in their careers because as an entertainer, a celebrity needs to have that perfect look. There are many celebrities who have been rumored to have undergone the knife, including Downton Abbey star Elizabeth McGovern, who is often mentioned for her effortless beauty by many females.

Sure, this is what’s hot now, and many people are talking about the rumor particularly regarding her dermal injections, eye lift and facelift.

Indications of Elizabeth’s plastic surgery

Even though she has looked beautiful ever since she was young, look at her before and after photos show some surgical procedure indications which have led to the rumors. The changes are pretty obvious and easy to notice. Elizabeth is not as young as her age suggests, and there seem to be no aging signs that can be seen in her age mates at 50, such as wrinkles and forehead lines. Her face looks tight, and her skin is flawlessly smooth.

The changes on her face can be attributed to a facelift procedure, while the wrinkle lines can be as an indication of the possibility of having procured dermal injections before. Her eyes, which seem to more opened than before, without any aging signs might be an indication that she has had an eye lift procedure.

In summary

It is very clear that McGovern’s younger look is as a result of some surgical procedures. While she has gone to deny the rumors, even going ahead to state that she is “always confused why some women do it”, her perfectly smooth face and neck skin may suggest otherwise to this statement, given that she is now at 50.

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