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Elisha Cuthbert Plastic Surgery

While this actress is a natural beauty, Elisha Cuthbert is also the recipient of professional help from her plastic surgeon. Elisha Cuthbert plastic surgery rumors are indeed true, based on the photos of the former 24 mainstays before she became a popular Hollywood celebrity. It appears that she had her nose adjusted to make it look smaller and significantly thinner at the bridge. Her lips are also plumper, but it may well just be the positive effects of make-up and or Photoshop. »

Beverly D’Angelo Plastic Surgery Before & After

Beverly D’Angelo or very known as Ellen Griswold in the National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise always looks stunning since her debut before rising to fame. It cannot be denied that she always looks amazing, even at her age 62 years old. Although many fans believe that her beauty is natural, but some celebrity gossip websites and celebrity watchers claimed that she has undergone some plastic surgery procedures to continue her stunning look. »

Katherine Kelly Lang Plastic Surgery Before & After

What makes Katherine Kelly Lang looks so young and fresh at her age? If we ask this question to the public, I believe that most of them will give the same answer, the plastic surgery. Well, the rumors of Katherine Kelly Lang plastic surgery have been thrown to the public for a long time. Rumor has it that she has undergone Botox injections to achieve youthful and fresh look. If you wonder why people start to think that way, we better take a glance at the before and after plastic surgery photos. Once we check them out, we will find it out. »

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before & After

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery has shocked many fans; it has been mentioned that she has had numerous surgery to boost her appearance. The procedures are multiple nose jobs (rhinoplasty); Botox, fillers, noninvasive facelift, chemical peels and possibly a boob job as well. »

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before & After

There is no doubt about Michael Jackson plastic surgery. His appearance changed dramatically by the time. The king of pop had done  surgery to raise his appearance although he was actually more handsome as he performed naturally without extreme makeover. He had done surgery for many times. Of course it brings much transformation. To know what parts of his body transformed through surgery you have to take all his photos in each period and then compare those photos. »

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