Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kate Gosselin plastic surgery before and after

Kate Gosselin plastic surgery rumor is growing wild. The mother of 8 children “Katie Irene “Kate” Gosselin” has been rumored to have had several procedures such as liposuction, Botox, tummy tuck and possibly a boob job.

Kate Gosselin, 38, has admitted that she has some work done to her appearance in the past few years. She told she needed a mommy makeover after giving birth to her daughter (Cara and Madelyn). So, it is very common for someone to have a tummy tuck after pregnancy to get her body shape back.

Kate Gosselin tummy tuck before and after

Ms. Gosselin was caught on orange bikini while having a vacation with the kids, on the picture we can notice that her stomach looks more firm without any excess skin or fat, it indicates that the tummy tuck was well done. Thanks to her plastic surgeon.

Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn told makemeheal.com that Kate looks great for a mom of eight; the tummy tuck does appear very well performed.

Kate Gosselin plastic surgery

In addition to having a tummy tuck, she was also reported to have had cosmetic dentistry to whiten her teeth. As the indication, Kate’s teeth do appear whiter and shinier. Moreover, it has been mentioned that she probably have liposuction and chin implant, as her face do appear to be less rounded in some photos. Furthermore, some celebrity watchers and celebrity gossip websites claim that Kate has undergone a liposuction on her thighs.

Well, plastic surgery seems to give a good result, Kate appears better than ever.

What do you think? Does she look better? Please feel free to speak your mind…

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