Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before & After

There is no doubt about Michael Jackson plastic surgery. His appearance changed dramatically by the time. The king of pop had done  surgery to raise his appearance although he was actually more handsome as he performed naturally without extreme makeover. He had done surgery for many times. Of course it brings much transformation. To know what parts of his body transformed through surgery you have to take all his photos in each period and then compare those photos.

Michael Jackson got multiple plastic surgeries so we can see the significant difference of his appearance. Based on Jackson’s surgeon, he was reported that he did plastic surgery for 10 up to 12 times in 2 years. Of course, the plastic surgery changed his handsome look dramatically as he got too much surgery. The doctor says that Jackson had cheek implants. Therefore his cheek becomes protruding. Besides, he also changed his chin by adding cleft. Nose and eyebrow surgery were also done.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Pictures

You can compare the latest appearance of Michael Jackson before and after surgery. His appearance before surgery was so much better. Plastic surgery of Michael Jackson should never do because it happened so many times were not appropriate. Perhaps, he hoped to increase better look but instead he got poor appearance. It could be true that plastic surgery makes you addicted.

Michael Jackson plastic surgery disaster

No one knows when the Jackson plastic surgery because he always did it in a clandestine way. It is common for celebrities to hide the  surgery that they did. The most significant change is his skin. We all know he had dark kin before but finally it turned into white. It was caused by vitiligo destroying skin pigments. To get rid of speckle that made his appearance poor, he used a cream to enlighten this spot totally. Bad Michael Jackson plastic surgery got him look peculiar.

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    Caused by Vitiligo? Do you think we are stupid? he hated being black and he would do anything to be white. He adopted while little children to sexually abuse them. He was completely a mentally perturbed piece of scum cheered by millions of mindless feeble minded fucktards around the world, I am glad he died of a horrible death. He was disturbing to look at.

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      I think if your going to say death threats about Michael Jackson, you should be ashamed of yourself. He was a good person and your just jealous of what he was and how famous he was and still is. You know they always say Karma is a B**ch. We’ll just wait something bad will happen to you Felis. You shouldn’t wish death on no one. Your the retarded one talking crap. Maybe you molested little boys. How do we know? Someone can put that about you all over the media and the sad thing is people would actually believe it. So stop talking crap about a great person.

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      you sick bastard!He was being abused by his father while he was a kid and got bullied for his dark skin, that’s why he made all this surgeries and that’s why he was obsessed with white people! He was a very talented pop artist and didn’t deserve to die! I think you should go kill yourself just for saying this things for a dead man!

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      That’s seriously hateful to say!He accomplished more in a year more than you probably will in your entire lifetime!Unless you were a fly on the wall when these alleged molestations happened,you have NO way to vouch for that!Furthermore,the man never personally hurt or disrespected you and the horrible death is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy!You go on to put down the millions of fans he had too calling them fucktards well I guess I’m a fucktard but I’d rather be that than a miserable asshole who couldn’t have half the talent that he had!

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      you know nobody likes people who diss out on people who are dead you know who is a fucktard?you are

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      You are disgusting he didn’t hate being black he cried in a interview about his disease. The is no prove that he abused his children and his plastic surgeons messed up and he even said that.

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    Michael Jackson only had plastic surgery on nose to help him breath better for singing people lie because they don’t know who he really is he had skin disease called vitillgo he’s with because of that people change if you have nothing nice to say about Michael Jackson king of pop don’t say anything at all you wouldn’t like it if the same thing happened to you you people should research and learn about his life more you can’t say he had plastic surgery unless its true or if you don’t know anything about it I love you Michael Jackson

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    Michael hated his nose and stated this is many interviews, so what if he hated the way he looked. He still made great music even though most hated what he did to his body, his skin disease was real!! I think I would’ve done the same thing,who are we to judge?! He did not hurt those kids either!! People wanted his money that was all Period!!! East target he was,and how could anyone wish death on anyone… Smh oh and did you know he was bald too? He wore wigs because of second degree burns.

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    Oh and today marks the Anniversary of his death!! R.I.P Michael Jackson King of Pop…

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    micheal jackson was d richest pop singer dat ever lived it was also known to me dat he loved to embrace children not molest dem or have sex with dem wanna ask y did d childs parent keep him at an ophanage cause may be dey were not ready to have a child and could not abort d pregnancy den gave birth to d child and gave him to d ophanage dey knew of course dey could make money if dey charged micheal jackson to court for child molestation micheal paid lots and lots of dollars to ensure he did not go to prison for 50 good years dat was wat made him go bankrupt !!!!!!!!! if u notice most of d famouse pop singers who died were always said to have been intoxicated of took an overdose does it make any sense to u micheal was a part of iluminati cult and wanted to bak out he ran to south arabia and was assasinated dere he was brought bak to america all d bullets were removed and d doctor injected some drugs into him so to say to d world we diagonised him of overdise of drugs or we diagonised him of intoxication its not true d illuminati hired professional assasins to assasinate him currently dey want emian to join dem in dere so called ilumibati

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    surgery made him ugly take a look @ 1974 pic he was handsome

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      I soooo agree with you! He looked so good with out all of that plastic makeup and fakeness!!!!!

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    Felix is a bunch of retarded assholes, if you don’t know nothing about a good artist like GREAT POP Michael Jackson, go online and learn more before you start spitting out weak ideas on dead people just to be stupidly famous on any forum. Bitch mother F**ker….!

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    Who Even Gave That Son Of A Bitch Comment To Be Posted.Whether You Like It Or Not I Would Become The Next Michael Jackson.Even Though Ppl Do Mock Me Dat I Am Not Ashame Bcos I Want To Be Like A Dead Man

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    About His Look After Sugery,i Still Like His Look In BAD He Was Handsome

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    He looked so cute in 1981!

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    I am not one of the people who were bought off to be silent. I worked on a security detail with MJ in 1989. It is correct that he hated his black skin but he did not hate being black. He spent millions of surgery to not look black, but he was obsessed to look as much like his female idol as possible. He was also obsessed with being the best in everything, including things that didn’t matter. This drove him to the edge of sanity and exhaustion. Off the stage, he did not have the energy you would expect from someone so petite. He was depressed most of the time and put on smiles when he entertained people. He was a very, very sad man with few close friends. I felt sorry for him. This was in 1989. I don’t know how time changed this for him, but others in my field tell me he grew worse. It was a lonely life for him as he separated himself from family. I expected him to kill himself one day.

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      So sad. You’ve really made me cry for Michael. It takes a great heart to comfort yourself when you feel nobody likes you. Sorry Michael. RIP.

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