Christina Hendricks Boob Job Before & After

Christina Hendricks Boob Job Before and After

Have you ever watched a Mad Men show? It is one of the popular tv shows. Well, Mad Men show certainly will never be separated with the hottest actress Christina Hendricks. Christina Hendricks is rumored to have had boob job to boost her breast size. Being an actress on the one of the hottest program will not be shocking if she tried to make her body sexier than before, this is the reason why she is rumored to have a boob job to improve her appearance. At recent Emmy award, when she walked on the red carpet, she was wearing a green dress and looked really sexy and beautiful. However, her sexy boobs seemed unnaturally bigger. It was one of the reasons fans started gossiping, “does Christina Hendricks underwent boob job”?

Well, Christina Hendricks boob job is still not clear. In addition, the plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden assumed that Christina Hendricks actually has had breast implants to enhance her boob size, it could be proved by her unnatural boobs when looking at her performance on the red carpet of Emmy awards. The plastic surgeon said Cristina had a boob job to enhance her appearance because she has noticed Cristina’s boobs look slightly different. Cristina is actually beautiful and stunning, however when looking at her former body and if compared with her current body, it is really different. She looked more charming sexy and stunning with her breasts.

Christina Hendricks Boob Job

In the recent press con, Christina Hendricks finally admitted about her boob job rumors. However, she was ashamed of about it. Even, she still plays in television program. She looks more confident with her current breasts; this could be one reason why she wanted to have breast implants. She never regretted for her plastic surgery.

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