Dominique Sachse Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dominique Sachse Plastic Surgery

Celebrities, whether local or national ones, are always just a few degrees away from scandal and intrigue. The same rule applies to one of Houston’s most recognizable faces, Dominique Sachse especially now that many are wondering whether she really did get a nose job as well as other cosmetic enhancements. The evening news anchor for KPRC TV is said to have undergone surgery in order to improve her looks and erase any evidence of aging. The Dominique Sachse story is more than just rumors since recent photos of her show just how much different her nose is today compared to a decade or so before.

At 42, Sachse’s skin barely has any sign of wrinkling, which is not only unbelievable but also a bit unnatural. Apart from rhinoplasty, it is also believed that she had a facelift and a series of Botox injections to keep her face looking ageless. Having lived in Houston for a long time, it is not surprising that Dominique’s skin shows sun spots, but it seems that she has also dealt with this imperfection recently. The TV anchor has been out and about recently at parties and other social events in Houston and other areas in Texas.

While Sachse’s transformation has been radical, it is by no means over the top like other women in Hollywood. However, the fact remains that she elected for cosmetic surgery just as she reached her 40s so there is no telling how far is willing to go in the name of youthful looks. It is the fervent hope of her fans and supporters that she does not get too much work done to a point where she becomes unrecognizable. After all, there are other safer and more natural ways to keep a youthful face and body.

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