Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery Before & After

Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery

Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery Before & After

Spanish model and actress Elsa Pataky is better known these days as Chris Hemsworth’s better half, but she definitely made her mark in the industry in her own right. She is a remarkable lady who also has a lovely face. Recently, however, she has been plagued with intrigues about her supposed nose job. As it happens, the Elsa Pataky plastic surgery rumors are true, if her recent photos are any indication. The changes are subtle enough to go unrecognized by most people, but since the paparazzi has a hawk eye for details, Elsa’s new nose did not escape page 6 coverage.

Not that there was anything wrong with her original nose, but many say that her new one looks so much better. Since Pataky is a model-actress, she is constantly photographed (especially since she became Mrs Chris Hemsworth), so looking great every time is a must. She now has a near-perfect profile, which may have been one of the reasons why she got a nose job (rhinoplasty) in the first place. In any case, her surgeon did a fantastic job as there is almost no discernible sign of scarring anywhere on her face. At this point, people are wondering whether she will get more plastic surgery, especially having given birth to twins very recently. There is speculation that Pataky has been planning to get liposuction and tummy tuck to help get her body back in shape quicker.

Elsa has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood and she probably would want it to stay that way. In a few candid interviews for showbiz magazines, the Spanish model mentioned that the maintains a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising regularly. With three kids and a husband around, it may be tougher for her to manage such a rigid schedule. Still, most celebrities, these days find a way to keep in shape, whether naturally or with the help of their trusted surgeon.

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