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Eminem Plastic Surgery Procedure


Marshall Bruce Mathers III, popularly known as Eminem, is a music icon celebrated by many in the hip hop category. The reigning Artist of the Year champ of the first YouTube Music Awards, Eminem has in recent years received a plethora of accolades under his name. His love for rap music is reflected in his success both as a rapper and a songwriter.

As it is not enough, Slim Shady – as others call him always has an element of surprise in his pockets. The rap god also takes the big screen as one of his ostentatious platforms where he explores his skills in acting, and he is doing a great job. Unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold. Eminem has undergone a number of plastic surgeries that have turned out to be a thorny affair for him as well as his devoted fans.

The signs of retouch on the 41 year old rapper are nothing to hide. A large fraction of his aficionados believes that Eminem has lost it as far as his natural face is concerned. The unnecessary plastic surgeries according to these fans have made the supernatural artist look different. Although Shady has never declared publicly that he went through regular plastic surgeries to compliment his looks, rumors have it that he may have gone under the knife not only once, but a few times.

At the end of 2003, the music sensation surprised many when he kicked on one of the stages with a different face. The facial features looked rigid judging by his previous looks when his face was normal. So did Eminem take a Botox injection to his face? This question is no longer an obscurity since the face speaks for itself. Let’s see the pictures bellow.

Eminem Plastic Surgery Photo


Eminem Plastic Surgery Picture


Eminem Plastic Surgery Pics


Eminem Plastic Surgery


The rap god is getting older each day, and the pressure he is receiving from both the fans and his opponents is huge. To remain relevant in the game, Eminem is said to have chosen to go the cosmetic approach to keep up with the pressure. A stage performer has to look good, and because Mathers III opted to make his face look smoother and fresher to appeal audience.

The reality of the matter is that the celebrated songwriter’s cosmetic adventure turned out to be a jumble! The eyes look completely different from before, and his facial muscles are stiffer. Nowadays the artist makes blank stares – not that he wants, but it is the situation at hand. There are also reports that the singer also may have retouched his forehead, nose, lips and cheek. Who knows, maybe if you ask him his reply will be, this is just “The Way I am” (Eminem’s autobiography).

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    Eminem has grown breasts too- is that from surgery or hormones from being his sexual deviant perverse self?

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