Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery Before and After

Heather Locklear breast implants

Recently, people are shocked by news Heather Locklear plastic surgery in 2013. On the Internet, the news is the most searching now. Surely, they want to know the truth of this news. Is it right or not, just speculation. Many photos of this actress are served in many version that most of them compares the different appearance of Heather between before and after. Therefore, this article will explore the Heather Locklear’s appearance based on many photos which spread on the Internet.

Based on her recent photos, Heather has bigger breasts than before. Public indicates that the actress has had breast augmentation. She may have it to support her look in order to make her younger than the actual age. Besides that, Heather had a facelift, nose job, Botox injections, and also cheek implants. The issue may be true if it is viewed based on her great changes in her appearance. Besides that, a plastic surgeon says that the Botox injection may be done with her because her forehead looks very smooth and has no wrinkle there. This appearance may indicate that the actress had Botox injections. Just look her before and after photos.

Heather Locklear plastic surgery

However, Heather’s age is about 50 years old, but she is still young. In some recent photos seem there is not aging signs of the actress. In general, women in this age should have their aging signs such as wrinkles or slack of their skin. But, Heather, once again, has not the aging signs. Her skin is very tight, clean, and smooth like when she was still young. Her cheek looks very shiny. Perhaps, it is caused by filler injection. Besides that, her jaw line which is so tight may be caused by the facelift. Whether this issue or not, her recent photos has shown so many differences between before and after 50 years old.

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