Did Jennifer Hawkins Have Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Hawkins plastic surgery before and after

2004 Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins has been rumored to have had some plastic surgery procedures, due to the drastic changes in her face since she won the crown in 2004. Hawkins has vehemently denied the accusations, and claims that the changes in her appearance are due to her fitness and skin regimen which have changed since she won Miss Universe.

Although she has denied going under the knife, pictures of Hawkins in 2004 compared to recent pictures of her show drastic changes in her appearance. There are rumors that she has had some work done on her lips by getting Botox injections, she supposedly has had a nose job, and a chin implant, she is also rumored to have had cheek implants or fillers because her cheeks look fuller now than they did in 2004.

The 2011 Miss Universe Australia Scherri-Lee Biggs also accused Hawkins of having plastic surgery, even going as far as saying Hawkins had indulged in too much surgery to achieve perfection. Hawkins again denied that she has had any work done, saying she doesn’t know Biggs, and doesn’t understand why someone who doesn’t know her will make such accusations about her. Biggs has since apologized to Hawkins on Twitter, saying her words were taken out of context.

Jennifer Hawkins plastic surgery

While Hawkins has denied undergoing any surgery procedure, and credits her fitness regimen and make up for her changing looks, her management team has refused to deny that she has undergone any surgery procedure, which adds fuel to the flames that she has indeed had some work done.

In an industry where plastic surgery procedures are common, some people are wondering why Hawkins just doesn’t admit she has had some work done. No matter how long she keeps denying it, the continued changes in her appearance will only lead more people to believe she had some work done.

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