Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Disaster

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Evangelist Joyce Meyer has been known for her uplifting and charismatic messages. Thousands follow her sermons and teachings to improve their daily life and better their relationship with God. Many people tune in faithfully to her television show to listen and learn how to better follow the divine path as Christians, however recently more and more people tune in, not to hear her message, but to see the results of what appears to be a botched plastic surgery attempt.

Joyce Meyer is in her seventh decade, so it is certainly expected that she would show some age related changes at this point in her life.  Wrinkles are to be expected, but viewers tuning in to her program are transfixed by the changes to her face that have nothing to do with age.  Joyce’s recent look is reminiscent of the scarred face of the Joker from the Batman movies. Her lips create a distinct beak look and the corners of her mouth are exaggerated, creating a permanent smirk. Forums ablaze in discussion of this new look has described it as varying between artificial and creepy.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before After

It’s unclear exactly what surgical procedure Joyce had done, and she has been unwilling to talk about her experience, however many doctors have theorized that the appearance of her lips and mouth are due to a botched injection of lip plumper and filler material.  The injection of these products into the lips can paralyze muscles if done improperly and cause the development of scar tissue leading to sagging, firmness and swelling. Joyce’s mouth does seem to offer little flexibility when speaking, lending credence to this theory. This experience demonstrates that even celebrities are not immune from poor quality medical procedures and disfiguring side effects. Hopefully, Joyce’s appearance is repairable with time and a better quality procedure.

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    I think Joyce Meyer is still amazing and I am shore a lot of other people do as well …There is only one JUDGE and the is the God THERE ARE NONE IN THE WORLD THAT LIVE WITH OUT SIN……

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      You’re right Marguerite! Joyce is still an amazing woman and her message is as strong and uplifting as ever. And there are none without sin. …especially vanity, pride, and idol worship.
      Joyce seems to have fallen face first on the first two. Make sure you don’t trip on the third.

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          Yes, Brenda, I agree with you totally!
          Judge not or be judged, Lord’s word says to judge your self do you won’t be judged.

          It appears a few people hasn’t judged themselves as yet. . I wouldn’t want to be you at any time you are called home. If you haven’t repented and judged yourself, then you are in danger of severe judgement.
          Also Lord’s word says to leave his anointed alone.. for there will b severe consquences.
          I pray that you all will repent if you havent..

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          You are JUDGING people who JUDGE Joyce Meyer! LOL!

          • Yes please people keep your nose on your own face, no pun intended. But arguing over stupid garbage like this is a waste of time and energy. If I had the money I would also have procedures done. Let Joyce worry about Joyce she doesn’t need any of you people to “BACK HER UP” She’s got the Holy God of Israel to do that. So stop arguing about silly issues that do not matter!!! Please take some time out of blogging to read learn and GROW…..

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          My wife and I have learned a lot from Joyce Meyer. She’s been a blessing. I’m not going to address my opinion of her appearance here. But I need to tell you, Brenda, that “ALL CAPS” is considered typographical SHOUTING on the internet. Besides being though of as unacceptably rude, it’s also VERY difficult to read. I understand you’re upset, based on your excessive use of ALL CAPS and HUGE numbers of exclamation points. Honestly, I didn’t have the patience to read it all. I may even agree with what you said–I don’t know. But I could tell your response was more emotional than reasonable and probably will be blown off by most people. I think the reporting was objective and satisfied my curiosity about what happened to Joyce’s face. By the way…isn’t that what brought you here? Anyway, I watched her program today. She is still presenting good teaching. What happened, happened. Many have been curious. Looks like Joyce is still Joyce at heart, and best of all, Jesus is still Lord.

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          Only God can judge ? Why are YOU judging the person you claim is judging Joyce ? Hypocrite much ?

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          You need to read the Bible again because it actually written that “So the last shall be first, and the first last. For many are called, but few chosen.” there’s nothing about second mentioned
          No judging intended
          Matt. 7: 1 for what it says about judging
          Matt. 19 : 30 also Matt. 20 : 16 as well as Matt. 22 : 14

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          ALL CAPS IS VERY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO ARE EXCESSIVE USE OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      She makes me sick. Narcissistic. Joker looking. Swine. She WANTS you to feel inspired because she WANTS your money lol. If you wanna better your life DO IT THEN. Why do you need someone else to tell you what to do?

      If God made everyone perfect the way they are, why is this creature a botox infused clown?

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        If God made everyone perfect the way they are, why is this creature a botox infused clown?

        I completely agree. How can you preach from a pulpit that God is number one?
        The sermon I just heard, she is preaching “if you don’t like your thighs, hide them.. people are so obsessed with weight loss!”

        oh my gosh, what a contradiction! it’s hard to look at her when she looks like a terrorfying clown that is the result of her own self obsession

        Look at Olivia De Havilland – actress just turned 101 and is beautiful and aging naturally and looks stunning

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      What a bunch of brainwashed people are commenting and defending about someone (JM) that is the opposite of what a true christian should be.Her, like every televangelist are sucking the poor, needed and blind people that listen to them…WAKE up and research these false followers of Christ…wait, it is not their fault….

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      I agree, it is sad that her insecurity about her looks caused her to seek surgery. It just proves that we are all human and our eyes need to be on Jesus not man. She is an instrument of God, not God. Her teaching has brought many to God because she is not afraid to share her experiences with us. This surgery is just another lesson to us. We should examine our inner selves as closely as we examine our outer selves.

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    “Many people tune in faithfully to her television show to listen and learn how to better follow the divine path as Christians, however recently more and more people tune in, not to hear her message, but to see the results of what appears to be a botched plastic surgery attempt.”

    So God is using her “botched” plastic surgery to draw more people in? Sounds like a win to me!

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    I feel so bad for Joyce. I have received a lot of hope and encouragement from her teaching. to me, a botched plastic surgery has absolutely no bearing on whether I can continue to receive from her ministry. It is unfortunate that people are so critical of well-known evangelists. The saddest part, is that most of these people call themselves Christians or worse yet have so-called ministries that specialize in criticizing other ministers. Find the description of that type of ministry in the Bible. I don’t think you will. actually, now that I think about it, the Pharisees modeled this type of ministry throughout the Bible.

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      Lol, yes! Devil hits the dirt…. Joyce wins…
      Thank you Jesus!

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      These preachers tell us God needs money, lots and lots of money. Then these preachers laugh all the way to the bank with their expensive clothes, homes, cars and pricey plastic surgery like Joyce had. If they really want to live like Jesus, then they should only take enough money to get buy and wear second hand clothes from Goodwill. The last thing they should do is be vain and get plastic surgery, in fact they shouldn’t even have enough money to do that. That money should be going to starving chiodren, not into their fat wallets. Meanwhile, they are brainwashing little old ladies living on a very small fixed income into handing their money over to these preachers, so they can get another face lift.

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        You make total sense.

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    First off I hate the bible but I do know that God says your body is the holy spirit, it is the holy temple where one will pray. To get tattoos and piercing and cosmetic surgery is against Gods will.

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    Joyce’s preaching is inspirational. Though I suppose, it could be said that her new look is also inspirations, as it inspires me to accept myself as I am and to avoid plastic surgery. And regarding “judge not lest thou be judged” continue reading, since we are are not being told to be without judgement only to judge wisely. God is the final judge and God knows that all of life is full of judgment, and thus we are wonderfully and wisely advised to judge wisely, with kindness and compassion as well as logic or common sense, just as we would want to be judged. And while everyone has a simple opinion or judgement about anything and everything, care should be taken in how we express these. I judge or should I say. In my opinion, everyone here has expressed concern for Joyce, and this is because we are able to see the differences and our critique of the work is someone has done her wrong. Though,, perhaps she likes the work or perhaps she doesn’t and is embarrassed by it. And because we see and critique what we see that is how we judge or form an opinion which in this instance should be with kindness and compassion as we would want to be judged and be treated. There are however times when should be harsh, as when someone threatens to harm us. Our rational mind should tell us if we were to lose our rational mind or become filled with evil and thus threaten to harm or kill someone, then yes we should be judged harshly which is how we should judge those who threaten us or others. However, we are not judging Joyce harshly we are merely expressing concern for her and offering prays for what we judge as needing concern. To be without judgement is like being a boat without an anchor.

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    God doesn’t exist. Stop talking rubbish about God and junking up the comment section.

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      The one you think doesn’t exist, is the one graciously giving you life and breath and the ability to think at all, and the free will to think whatever you will. He’s the one cutting you the slack you need until you awaken to the higher dimensions of Life, Love, and Eternal life that await you after you have accepted His outstretched hand in the person of Jesus Christ. The perception of your true destiny had been blocked, and your sensitivity to it has been discouraged, stunted and smothered by the hateful, impatient cynicism of those by whom you’ve been strongly influenced. They have been held captive by God’s enemy and would have you in the same chains as well.

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      Workout your salvation with fear and trembling. It is nt working out joyce salvation. Are you qualified to be in heaven if u die or after rapture. The only qualification is accepting JESUS as ur lord and personal saviour and repenting of all your sin. Just live a life style that GOD want not of any man. Repent now before it is too late

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        Be careful what you say,,,,..Were all accountable for what comes out..GOD is real..He is the Only reason you are here…He gave you life..I won’t argue the truth, but I had to share that GOD is real…Have a blessed day

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    How does a “minister” afford this kind or surgery??

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    From what I have read in this article, I don’t see that this person has “judged” Joyce, I think they have simply “judged” the procedure that has been done. Please be careful in how you portray Jesus, lest you also judge this writer the same way you are accusing them of doing. I think this was written very diplomatically and even gave the caveat of hoping that in time it would be repairable for her.

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      Well said Tina.

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      Thank you

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    We can all see joyce has had botched surgery but jesus says we are not to look at the outward appearance but to look at the heart. Whatever joyces mouth looks like she is still using it to preach an awesome message for the glory of God. Joyce is being obedient to the lord we should be praying for her not criticzing this awesome woman of God, who by the way is beautiful

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    I have been asking God to show me Joyce Meyer’s heart. Granted God does not judge by outward appearance but a tree is known by its fruit. We are supposed to be different than the world. Different. And we have to do a certain amount of judging in order to know who to be around, etc. I agree with the former post. We just can’t be mean about the judging. I Googled Mother Teresa. Beautiful Godly woman, eyes of compassion and a face full of wrinkles.

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    I’m here on this article because i was watching a video of joyce meyes on netflix, just a few minutes, because as the speaker goes into ”preacher voice theatrics” for some reason I shut down; that’s just me. But visually her lips were freaking me out. I was wondering how she could euniciate her words so well under something that looked like a sheath shaped like fish lips. I googled it and found this article. I’m sad. Yes, none of us are without sin. I’m not judging. I’m just sad. Sad that she felt she had to as a woman and as a performer and most of all, as God’s daughter, change her beautiful face. A face full of so much human experience and interaction, wisdom and focus…. yes, her face looks beautiful when it sits still. But our faces don’t sit still. Our faces are the story of our lives. Our faces match our words and our heart. Our faces are not ”doll faces” — our faces are the reflection of God loving us…. that’s our natural glow. Oh well, its just my opinion. I turned it off. God gave me His message for today: God is always in the midst of our troubles to help us, defend us, overcome evil and make us conquers. We are not left alone in the injustices against us and the financial crisis we are in. God is right here. I related that to the fact we cannot serve two masters, and that life is what we think and we can only think one thing at a time. So we need to choose, guard and build up our ability to stay on target and in focus of good things, good thoughts. When we harbor bitterness, or feel sorry for ourselves, or get blue and sad… Those are the enemies that are sin to our well-being and success; and I have learned to understand that just as God hates sin and will not even look at it; I so, must recognize negativity and steer clear of it by any means possible: Shout, Sing, Dance, Move… clean house, cook, go outside, wallk, plant, mow the lawn, weed, take a ride… Don’t gossip… meet new people you don’t know. Get in balance. Laugh. Carry cheer. Laugh by yourself. Laugh with others. Bring laughter and light-heartedness to others. Whatever we figure out to combat negativity, that’s the battle for me. So I think it took about 10 minutes of her live conference. I won’t see her live, but I love her books.

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    I think she looks great!! If I had the money, I KNOW I’d be having work done, too!

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    Im not judging,just want to say she was very pretty before ,dont understand why she done it ,but if she is happy with the out come im happy for her

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    All Evangelists are leeches..sucking your hard earned money out of your wallets and purses and bank accounts, If you truly followed the teachings of The Bible, you’d all live a paupers life, Odelia could have the money if you stood in front of an adoring mesmerized audience willing to give give give their money to you, or you could simply write a few books with GOD on the cover, charge a nominal fee , or release a few CDs with something about Gd in them…that’s how you become millionaires and pay for botched cosmetic surgery, and if you register yourself as a religious evangelist, you als have the benefit of not paying taxes on your earnings, that’s a WIN WIN situation..far better than hoping your numbers will come up on LOTTO

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    She is human and vanity makes people do the strangest things.

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    Most comments here are idiotic and emotional. The article simply states that a change has taken place – the pictures show this clearly. A better question might be to ask why someone who professes security in Christ would choose the world’s solution for vanity. I think her ministry is intact and her salvation secure. Maybe this decision was made during the heyday of TBN when many of her evango-celebs were getting face lifts – old school peer pressure. Oh, for the morons who do not know the difference between observation and judgment – no wonder the world thinks Christians are idiots. Yes, l am a teacher and yes l spend most of my time teaching my students to think and make judgments based on evidence and not their feelings. I could go on but as Thomas Jefferson said, “the most valuable of all talents is that never using two words when one will do. (There you go, an apropos statement for all the Christian Nationalists out there, lol – Donald Trump might approve this statement.)

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    Very well said Matthew. I concur.

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    just shows that even God’s mouthpiece can have a human moment. she isn’t immune to making mistakes, she is human. I am not going to stop listening to her just because she made a mistake.

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    I, too, think she looks like the Joker. I used to watch Joyce often and loved her message until she told a story that broke my heart. Sitting at a restaurant table, in her discussions with the waitress, Joyce said she discovered the girl was a pagan and not doing well financially. She said she left her a $100 tip, and I thought that was awesome until she went further to disparage the girl’s entire character based on her paganism, and simultaneously put herself on a pedestal for the gift. It was so judgmental and arrogant, I could not believe my ears. I wrote an email to her about how it left me feeling disappointed in her and I would no longer watch her show. Someone from her association wrote back and said they would look into it. I’m sure they did! And, now as I roamed channels and see her plastic surgery fiasco, I’m sickened that she has fallen even further to greed and vanity. As I listen to her in the background now talking about greed whilst I know of her many houses, her 8-car garage, and the investigation into her nonprofit dealings, and then see what she has done to her face, I know that enough isn’t enough for her. Someday she may hear her own words mocking her. Maybe then she will climb out of her own self-righteous hole and become a more brilliant light for God. I do hope she can find a more experienced plastic surgeon that can fix her face. I really do. No one deserves that. Not even the fallen.

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    I just saw JM while turning the TV, I don’t follow or watch JM and I don’t care if you think I’m judging her or not – SHE looks terrible, her mouth looks awful. This is where some of the money that her followers are sending her goes. I cannot afford plastic surgery and after seeing her I wouldn’t want it. Anyone sending her money needs to get it back.

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    She probably had what you call a lip lift and too much was taken from the center giving her that appearance. Filler alone will not make the center so high, leaving a downward slope. Skin was probably taken out, but not enough on the sides. She is still a beautiful woman inside and out and doing the calling of the Lord.

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    I guess I don’t see what everyone else is seeing . She looks good to me. I don’t see any real difference in these before and after pictures at all. If there is a difference it is so slight that I can barely notice it. Now if you really want to see a dramatic difference you have to go way back to pictures of her from the mid 80’s and early 90’s. She has had a real makeover in every way including fashion. I think she looks better today than she did 30 years ago! Joyce’s actual tv show is called “Enjoying Everyday Life”. She encourages people to live life and enjoy it. If she can make herself look better on earth why not? She is a public figure. Why shouldn’t she try to look her best? I say who cares!

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    How much money have you ” haters ” donated to the poor? How many people have YOU helped?

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    It is sort of like a cross between The Joker in Batman, and some kind of duck.
    An evil duck, I guess.

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    I agree with Holly. She looks great and I don’t see a difference. I believe she has changed a lot of lives with God’s help!

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    Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm….she’s the Lord’s Oracle….why don’t we just listen to her messages and decide whether it edifies or not, rather than questioning her looks? God loves us all…whether we are poor or rich….beautiful or ugly..young or old….with or without plastic surgery….it is well with us all in Jesus name….Amen… Don’t forget heaven is our target….Joyce will make heaven even with a facelift…how about you and i staring and questioning her looks?

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    Love Joyce Meyer and its sad that so many people judge someone by their outer appearance.I’m so glad that God looks at our hearts.

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    God is good , I thank him for the work He is doing in her.

  29. Reply

    I respect the fact that she is ministering but she is also saying she is not pleased with how God created her face…..vanity. Am I without sin? Not by a long shot. We all fall short. I just think she should be happy with her face.

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    Hi. In the comments clearly some support her and some don’t.

    Points to consider-

    1. How many christians, grandmothers, or anybody for that matter could or can afford plastic surgery for the sake of feeling better about themselves? It could rightly be called vanity.

    I did read an interview which she gave where she said, ‘she did it to feel better about herself, especially as she has a television ministry’ – she said it.

    2. A basic christian belief as stated in the bible is that God loves us, period. We are accepted and loved by God the Father and Jesus his Son.

    If we are living in a deep and loving relationship with Jesus, it should be more than enough for us to accept who we are, how we are, how we look or how many wrinkles and spots we get as we age.

    If a person needs to increase their exercise, eat better, or renew their mind by inviting Christ into their life, etc to improve their physical, spiritual and emotional health, thats a good thing and that’s a good change that God encourages, its in the bible.

    I believe the message that Joyce is sending to millions of women young or old is that they need plastic surgery to change their looks, in order to feel better about themselves – that’s not in the bible and it’s not a message God gives.

    The vast majority of her audience/followers could not afford to have it done, it simply adds pressure to those who perhaps are not comfortable within themselves, who may look up to her, want to be like her, emulate her character etc.

    The danger is that it sends a wrong message about self acceptance and body image and that God loves us.

    I think we should accept the ageing journey that God has given us and be happy and content with it.

    What a powerful message she would have sent to all especially women had she simply accepted the natural journey of ageing.

    She has seemingly overcome enormous personal tragedy and abuse, but succumbed to vanity, rather strange.

    I wish her God’s blessings, wisdom and Christs love.

    If sadly a person suffered disfigurement as a result an some type of accident or violence and then needed plastic surgery, I believe God would be fully supportive as we all should be if that individual needed or wanted plastic surgery to repair the damage.

    If a person was teased and bullied by people who thought they had large ears or something similar wanted plastic surgery to improve their looks – it would be understandable.

    This would certainly not be in the same category as an older person not liking their wrinkles.

    As Christians we believe we will be renewed and transformed into a perfect immortal body in the next life. Amen.

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    I have come out of the “Word of Faith” non-Christ centered belief system. It is a”name and claim it” religious semi-cult and Joyce Meyer is a party to this belief. It is no wonder that she had plastic surgery, because that is what she believes a person of this semi-cult faith should have…the appearance of youth, all the money you could ever want and beautiful clothes,houses and perfect health. These people who preach the Word incorrectly need our prayers, not our money. Pray that God delivers them all before it is too late. Please do not be hateful towards them, because most of them are unaware of what they are doing.

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    She was beautiful just the way GOD created her. I still love her messages that she brings.

    But, I wish she would’ve realized that her smile was beautiful before surgery.

    Everyone be comfortable in the way GOD created YOU!

    Love you much be Blessed.

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    I wonder if God and Satan had another conversation and Satan said to God ‘let me test her like I tested Job”
    I wonder if Joyce would pass.. Does she love the gospel? or does she love the millions the gospel has brought her?
    I wonder the same about Joel Osteen

    Take away her jets, or cash, and her millions that she spends on face lifts and plastic surgery, would she still love God?
    Is she preaching the Gospel because she believes it? Or because it makes her money?

    WOW I just heard her preach “Don’t forget God is preparing a mansion for us.. I’m excited about mine!!”

    She literally just said ‘people are so obsessed with weight loss, if you don’t like your thighs, cover them up”
    what a negative mssage that might stop somebody from doing something healthy and losing weight, Yet she preaches from the pulpit with her creepy clown face and her joker smile which is obvious that she’s had a lot of botox, lip injections whatever

    it’s upsetting, it’s telling women in the audience ‘look I didn’t age, your tithe money got me some face lifts’ and that’s heart breaking

    Before anyone says “oh she’s given away millions” So?
    Imagine if Mother Theresa was going under the knife? do you think she’d have any credibility?

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    She looks like a duck with that mouth.

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