Julie Benz Plastic Surgery – Breast Implants Before & After

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery Before & After

Is Julie Benz going for plastic surgery? Well she sure looks great so far if she is and her doctor should be applauded. It could be the result of happy living or not being in the sun as much or good moisturizers but in Hollywood we doubt it. Face fillers are the way of the world in Hollywood in fact they are recommended to keep the youth flowing as the actor or actress ages. But the question is how much is too much?

Julie has definitely had breast augmentation because no breasts sit up on their own and you can tell by the lines that there has been work done because she has outlined breasts and natural breasts just don’t do this.  In the older photos of her she has normal looking breasts but if you look at the pictures now it is obvious.

Julie Benz Boob Job

If she has had breast implants you can bet she has done other things and little of this little of that because the lines around her mouth spell Botox and facial fillers. While it is hard to tell with all that airbrushing going on in photos all photos are not airbrushed and she has plump cheeks now which could be the result of some injections and her smile seems a bit forced as if it is harder to smile.

Julie Benz Breast Implants

There is one photo for Ordinary Family that does look as if she had more than injections because her face is pulled back and taut which for her age is the result of a good surgeon or a tight hair do. It sure looks as if there is work going on and her forehead is perfect looking which also could be the result of injections.

Plastic surgeons who have examined these photos are up in the air but the consensus is that she has had plastic surgery and so far it is not too much because the results are not completely obvious yet.

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