Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Julie Bowen plastic surgery before and after

Plastic surgery is not sounded strange in Hollywood lifestyle; we have ever heard many rumors & fact about celebrity plastic surgery. For today’s post, we have a rumor about Julie Bowen. Julie Bowen is known as a funniest woman in a Modern Family Tv program. This star of “Modern Family” was rumored that she did a plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Is that true? Well, we don’t know clearly whether the she has  surgery or not if she has not admitted it yet. However, people could make a rumor because they can show some of alteration in her appearance from year to year when seeing at the TV show or others.

Well, it is not sounded strange when hearing about the rumors of this famous star of “Modern Family” Julie Bowen. Well, actually she has admitted that she has a Botox for her forehead. It makes the rumors come true, when she tried to admit her alteration in one of the media. Even, she also traced her surgery. Is it amazing right? She doesn’t care about what people said about her, she still confident with her surgery and she don’t afraid to admit it.

We know that, most of famous actress and models always hide about their surgery procedures. They are afraid to admit about the plastic surgery because it may drop her fame. In fact, there are some of actresses instead admitting the surgery clearly, one of those who admitted the plastic surgery is Julie Bowen of “Modern Family”. Julie Bowen has confirmed the rumor about her surgery is actually true. She is still looking fresh and confident, although there some of pro and contra about her plastic surgery procedure.

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