Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery Before & After

Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery Before & After

Many people speculate that Katey Sagal has had plastic surgery. The speculation appears because Katey Sagal looks to stay young, whereas her age is 59 years old. People think that she has plastic surgery to beautify her appearance, especially in her face. She avoids aging signs by plastic surgery. Perhaps, she used Botox and face-lifts. Because of the surgery, her skin looks smoother and tighter. However, it is still an opinion. But, to prove the speculation and find the truth, it is better to compare her recent appearance with her previous appearance.

If seeing her recent photos, her face shows that there is no wrinkle. She looks so fresh, smooth, and tight. Katey may use Botox injection because her recent photos show her appearance that is prettier. Besides Botox injections, she may use facelift to tighten her skin face and around it such as her neck skin and so on. Some people think that her beauty is natural, but other people consider it is unnatural. It must get plastic surgery help from an expert. Which one is right, it depends on you.

Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery

But, Dr Sherrell J Aston has own opinion. Katey Sagal may have plastic surgery, especially Botox injection and facelift because of some reasons: her change face, jaw, neck, and cheek. Her skin around the face and neck looks so clean and smooth. There is no wrinkle left. So, the change appearance indicates she had plastic surgery. Then, her jaw line is also very tight, whereas once again she is 59 years old. Botox and facelift may be the best choice to keep her appearance. Actually, not only Katey Sagal, but also many actresses had plastic surgery. However, what have done by Sagal—whether she had plastic surgery or not—is faring well because she becomes prettier and younger.

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    Um.. can you really not see it?? She’s obviously had her nose done. And it was really done well – she looks great.

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      I think the plastic surgery is actually aging her more rapid!! IMO. Didn’t notice the nose @ all, it seems to change apart emcee depending on her expressions, smile, anger, ect.. & of course a lot of people don’t realize that an actor spends a lot of time with chemicals, & sun/faux sun on their skin, plus the lights & long work hours!!!
      I was shocked to lean she was only 61 yrs old. I thought she was @ least 70!! I think the sooner one starts having Botox injections and other cosmetic procedures, plus the yearly flux in multiple plastic surgeries, the older ( and the high % of failed/botched procedures ) that person appears!!!!! IMO ONLY!!

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        70?!!! Are you kidding??? Katey Sagal looks great!

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    She looks amazing. I wish I knew who she went to. I would go in a minute. I saw her in hush and she looks like 30. And beautiful. Katy is a great actress and now has a great face

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