Kelly Rowland Butt Implants Before and After

Kelly Rowland Butt Implants

Kelly Rowland’s behind has been the subject of much debate since her Destiny’s Child days, but even more so now that she is a solo artist. Rumors about Kelly Rowland butt implants have circulated since people and the Paparazzi started to notice her sizable derriere during onstage live performances. While she was by no means flat in that area before, her buttocks are now quite prominent, some would say an enormous relative to the rest of her body.

For the most part, women of African-American descent do not have to worry about flat buttocks because they are naturally blessed with particularly sizable, if not quite shapely. In the case of Rowland, she did not seem too happy with her previously slim figure, which prompted her to get breast implants a few years back. A lot has changed for this RnB singer over the years and most has to do with her physical appearance. This isn’t to say that Rowland has gone overboard with plastic surgery because she still looks more or less like herself back when Destiny’s Child was still intact.

Rowland previously admitted that she underwent breast enhancement surgery because of her flat chest, of which she is not very pleased. Recent photos of her on the beach as well as the Red Carpet suggest that she went up a couple of cup sizes, which many said really looks good on her. As for her supposed butt implants, many are convinced that she had it done in order to look even more curvaceous and sexy especially when performing live on stage.

Kelly is undoubtedly one of the most talented artists in the business, not to mention among the most beautiful. Her plastic surgery did manage to enhance her features without necessarily changing her looks too drastically, which is not always a good thing as most celebrities learn.

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