Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lee Min Ho nose job

Korea is not only well-known with their tourism places, but also the plastic surgery practice. Plastic surgery has become a culture in Korea; even the government itself supports this as one of medical tourism. Adult women and men usually get the surgery as a gift on their birthday, so don’t be surprised when you see many teenagers having plastic surgery in very young age.

Talks about Korean plastic surgery, we recently have a hot rumor about Lee Min Ho plastic surgery. Lee Min Ho plastic surgery rumor has recently gone wild, some celebrity gossip websites claimed that the K-Pop star has had a deal with a nose job (rhinoplasty). The speculation was not without a reason, some tabloid has posted some photos of Lee Min Ho while he was visiting a plastic surgeon’s office. In the photos, we can see that he looks like having a close relationship with the surgeons, which make us speculate that he have in touch with the surgeons for a long time.

Lee Min Ho plastic surgery

To learn more about Lee Min Ho plastic surgery rumor, we try to investigate it by taking a comparison of his old photos and the most recent one. If we are looking at the before and after photo, it is obvious that his nose shape has slightly changed. In the before photo we can notice that there is a bump on his nose bridge, and the after photo reveals that his nose looks more refined and the bump has gone away, it indicates that he was possibly having a nose job (Rhinoplasty) in the past.

Although the before and after photo strongly reveal that Lee Min Ho has some work done to his nose, Lee Min Ho agency “Star Haus Entertainment” adamantly denied the rumor.  They said that Lee Min Ho and plastic surgeons are just good friends.

Well, with or without plastic surgery, Lee Min Ho nose stays looks better than ever. It looks more refined and not overdone. If he really had plastic surgery, I need to say thanks to her surgeon for a very great job.

What do you think? Does he have plastic surgery? Please feel free to share your thought with us….

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    aww very obvious! but thanks to his surgeon for his nose well done.

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    I really like the Lee Min Ho with his old nose better than his new one! I think he looked sexier and hotter with his old nose. the old nose went with everything: his hair, eyes, incredible smile, and his entire face. we all know that life is tough and that we get pressure everyday by the media and people and that why we do stupid things. it’s better to be just the way you are than changing your appearance because of the media or someone else or something else. in his last recent movie ” boys before flowers” and ” city hunter” I think he looked great with that old nose. I prefer the Lee Min Ho with the old nose than the Lee Min Ho with the new nose. Love the way God created you and love yourself. Love every inches of your body and love every non-plastic surgery inches of your body. I know it it’s because I get pressure everyday by the media and people to change my body, but I wont do plastic surgery on my body because I love the God created me. I love myself and body. just be who you are, be the Real you.
    ps. plastic surgery isn’t worth it!

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    i really like lee min ho and on his plastic surgery i still like him do u kwn why because everybody have reason for his or her action so lee min ho,do anything,i mean in the right way and besides dont care of what public say about you because you have reason for ur action and about suzy;dont give up on ur fate,love comes to does who believe in it,and also if you really love her i will advise you to not let go of her so that you wont be regreting later…oppa be well!

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