Mary McDonnell Plastic Surgery Before & After

Mary McDonnell Plastic Surgery

Mary McDonnell Plastic Surgery Before & After

Aging gracefully in Hollywood is the proverbial fairy tale in the sense that it is hardly ever true, especially in the case of celebrities who were considered extremely attractive in their early days. Mary McDonnell, 61, is a world renowned actress thanks to her role as President Laura Roslin in Batlestar Galactica and more recently, Captain Sharon Raydor in Major Crimes (spin off of The Closer). Many have speculated that she had work done on her face as well as other parts of her body due to her staggeringly youthful looks even at an advanced age. Mary McDonnell plastic surgery rumors have indeed circulated and they have yet to die down.

The lack of lines on face suggests that she had Botox injections and or that she underwent facelift in recent years. In addition, some media sources also claim that she had her breasts augmented through implants. It cannot be denied that she does look stunning for her age, but it has yet to be confirmed whether she really had all these procedures done and perhaps more.

It is not at all surprising if McDonnell has been pressured into undergoing plastic surgery considering her every visible presence on TV in the past decade or so. Now that her show Major Crimes looks like it is well on its way to staying on air for quite some time, it is plausible to assume that she is getting work done on her face and body in order to maintain a camera-friendly appearance.

While the results of the alterations may have been obvious to many, there is no indication that Mary McDonnell is on the verge of getting addicted to plastic surgery. If anything, the procedures she had “done” simply accentuated her natural beauty, which is really what launched her career in Hollywood, second only to her tremendous acting skills.

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