Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After

You know exactly that Michelle Phan plastic surgery is the most ironic thing. Why? She used to be an advocate of beauty with natural ways. But now, she is caught getting plastic surgery that changes her appearance so much. Certainly, Michelle Phan surgery rumors get people disappointed since as a natural beauty advocate she does something contrary with natural beauty instead. She should not get plastic surgery if she suggests for enhancing beautiful appearance through natural ways. Now, look what she had done that is contradictive with she advocated before.

It is fine if she does plastic surgery to improve her beauty. It doesn’t matter because as celebrity appearance is the primary thing. She has a right to do anything with her body, her face and her money. Thus, the plastic surgery is not a big problem. We have nothing to say about whatever she does. Michelle Phan after surgery really drives people shock because a little change of her face is clearly seen. However, Michelle Phan insists that she didn’t get any surgery.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

You can notice whether she tells the truth or not after comparing her pictures in past and present. Her weak chin has turned into the downward shaped chin. This change seems so clear and she keeps denying it. At least the plastic surgery brings a more fascinating look. Although she looks prettier, her fans prefer her natural look without surgery. As beauty demonstrator, Michelle Phan teaches us many tips to maintain our beauty naturally.

Natural beauties suggested by Michelle Phan make us realize that God has created the best appearance for each person. We should not do anything through extreme way like surgery to enhance good looking. However, the rumor about Michelle plastic surgery is still happening. We hope she would be honest if she really got plastic surgery. You can determine whether Michelle Phan plastic surgery is true or not.

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    Maybe she just lost weight!

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    Come on! this can be only that she lost weight. On top, she lies, she says looks this is my natural face I don’t have anything done…but she wasn’t fat when she started. You can loose a bit, but in hers it is not only makeup. She went to Korea and they pitty themselves if they do not look like a Korean pop star. It is a pitty that they try to erase the features that make them so likeable and exotic. Though is her decision and her body, I find her fake to promote natural beauty. In general, I do not like people who try to find their confidence or happiness in their outlook, that means something is a bit messy in their heads. Especially, when they overdo it at a young age. By the way she did it, seems she didn’t like many parts of her. I even thought she had natural big lips and even that was a lie…I stop watching her.

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