Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Nicki Minaj Breast Implants

Onika Tanya Maraj or well-known as Nicki Minaj has reached to the stardom, but you may wonder what she has done along her career to reach the stardom.

Nicki Minaj has totally changed compared when she was starting her first debut; it leads many people suspect that she has had several plastic surgery procedures to enhance her look. If we are comparing her old photos and the most recent one, it is obvious that she had a boob job. In some photos, Nicki new breast appears much bigger and fuller than before; it indicates that she is possibly having breast implants.

Nicki Minaj Butt Implants

In addition to breast implants, it has to be mentioned that she was also having butt implants. If we are observing the before and after plastic surgery, it is obvious that she was having a smaller backside – and the new butt appears much bigger and tighter than it used to be.

Nicki Minaj Nose Job

Furthermore, the new rumor said that she was also having a nose job (rhinoplasty). Responded to the rumor, Nicki Mina denied that she had any procedures on her face, and told the “EXTRA” that’s a makeup.

Well, Nicki may not have facial surgery, but how about her butt and breast size? Do they natural too?

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    Wow nicki is rocking I like her bums lol

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      That ass is NaStY and unnatural….scares me. Is a SHAME to break up all that for as furniture.

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    Nicki minaj song anaconda is stupid she shouldnt say shit about other girls that dont have an ass or breast when she doesnt have any cause her boobs n ass r fake there just plastic surgery so shouldnt say shit or anything to other girls or peole when she doesnt have any ass or boobs

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      Well samantha rodriguez i think that skinny girls should not judge fat girls either so if everything would be peaceful nobody would do a song as “anaconda” or “all about that base”. Skinny girls are always judging, so this is a way to cheer up “fat girls”.

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        Thanks for making skinny girls out to be the only bitches on the planet, cunt bag.
        Fat girls are just as bitchy as skinny girls, open your eyes to the world moron.

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          Well on the other hand skinny girls judge fat or thick girls as if they’re the only ones on the planet u dumbshit

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        Well, I bet all you bitches are ugly anyways, and so is nicki minaj. She has clearly had many operations.

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          Shut yo bitch ass up, fucken cunt.

          • Bitches callin’ each other Bitches! pfffft.. Women!

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        Having breasts and ass has nothing to do with weight. I’ve seen large women with small breasts and no ass and I’ve seen smaller women with the opposite. Unfortunately in today’s society the weight of a woman isn’t even as important anymore as the shape. So now it’s not even about fat or skinny it’s about flat or curvy. all that should really matter is health. If you are large but healthy with good blood pressure and active enough to enjoy life that’s what should matter in my opinion. Quality of life.

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      thank u samanta,that bitch is so full of herself,i don’t know wat she’s showing,HER FAKE BODY?! my gosh, i hate her so much!

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        shut the fuck up will you all please?? she ain’t a “fake hoe” bc she ain’t a hoe, she was beautiful before surgery so stfu ty

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          I agree with Samantha nicki is a fake ding bat.she thick with no ass and tits….whats the point.and that song aint to make no big bitch feel good a woman should not be big in the first place…nasty tramps

          • Whether or not Nicki Minaj has had any surgery or not, she does still look good. And to be honest, it’s not about being fake or real. Some women are not confident with their natural appearance so they choose(their free will to do so) to get surgery to feel better about themselves. I too, have this same problem. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money saved up to “enhance” my appearance yet, but one day I will. Women, they come in all shapes and sizes. Saying that women shouldn’t be big is like saying men shouldn’t be masculine. Do you agree with that, as well? The problem with this world is that people judge about everything. There is not enough love in the world. Y’all should have a specific, yet legitimate reason to not like Nicki Minaj. I’m not saying she’s the best, but she’s human, like us all. She has free will and rights to do as she pleases, like us all. Don’t hate her for something she has that she can afford. It’s her money, it’s her body. Ijs.

          • I don’t like your comment “women should not be big in the first place…nasty tramps.” That is very rude. Us big girls can’t help it if you don’t like the way we look why the hell are you looking any how.?!?

        • Reply

          hey I’m a model most people do it I haven’t got my done but girls to it to show off k but she does thing she is better than ever bitty

    • Reply

      I know the song is bad but, your just jealous of Nicki Minaj. Her surgery was a bad idea but don’t hate! You probably have a flat ass yourself, so don’t go around judgin people. Kik me if u have a problem with my comment! You dumb hore! Kik: ta_ta_da_butest

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    Ohhhhhhhhhh no wonder

  4. Reply

    Yea what a fake hoe

    • Reply

      Well everyone with implants are fake hoes then.

      If you get artificial parts you are a fake hoe. Or even organ implants you are a fake ass hoe because they are not natural.

      Shut the fuck up dumbass’s they are sold to enhance life anyone can get implants to look pretty or to stop being a fat ass with surgery. They are sold for this reason.

      • Reply

        Organ implants are different because they are REAL. Organs are donated and put into someone else who needs them to survive. Those organs were genetically engineered to be placed and function in a certain area. It doesn’t change your outer appearance and is only done because your life depends on it. Not that your insecure about your looks. But of course that’s just my opinion

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    best surperstar.

  6. Reply


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      I love ur comment about her butt but would u like to share ur pics and see who get the best butt??, kik donkingdavies

    • Reply

      why don’t u post pic for comparison??

  7. Reply


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      you are such a fool nicki,u all are just fake! even wid the plastic surgery,she ğot nothin to show me,am already made,i don’t need a plastic surgery!

  8. Reply

    Those are almost as fake as justin Murdock and nick borras

  9. Reply

    low self esteem is bad .I wonder how she would look when she is 50 or maybe she would do more surgery

  10. Reply

    that is so imbarrasing nicky must be so ashamed for wat happened

  11. Reply

    Hey you just want to say a little shit you who talks so much all of you are fake nicki minaj face looks even more beatifull than your face your face looks like your mothers best stripper jockey and checkit your jockey is dirty your boobs looks like your fathers size xxx large socks because your fathers clothes are running away from you because you look like an joker pig flat ass that looks like a flat bumber black ass stripped asshole your boobs looks like you was run over by a cow because it is so lose like a bunch of flowers you are so crazy your father use you for a grainer you are so ugly when you pass the fridge the milk is turning into an sour nightmare look to your self in the mirror then you will see how it cracked and the last thing look first to your self and see if your perfect before you gave others words

    • Reply

      Nicki Minaj may be fake but I still love her she’s perfect , beautiful,gorgeous,sexy, and and just lover her !!!!!!fake or not she’s an amazing singers and rapper I love her music and songs she my favorite#1 female Rapper ppl should think about if to comment or not be cuz all they put is negative stuff that can hurt a person and if don’t got nothing to say that’s not nice then don’t comment at all cuz u wouldn’t want ppl say stuff like that u to or comment and u read them so yeah … And what if she fake let her be she has a heart and everybody does.

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    I knew a person could not be born with an ass that big just sayin

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    well as fake as she is…Nicki is beautifull and sexy unlike other ppl who do surgery and mess up their body…she makes us thick girls feel gud abwt ourselves and she makes us feel comfortable about our bodies evn thou skinny gals b mean nd say we are “fat”…she is the reason i luv my thick and curved assified body wid a small weist….luv nicki so much

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    if nicki want to be fake, so be it.

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    Fake or not, Nicki Minaj can GET IT!! and I mean REPEATEDLY!!!! Until all the plastic just explodes or evaporates. Lol, she walk in a room naked with that big butt and tits and she will get hammered! End of story. She can tell me later if its real or not. Frankly I wouldn’t care either way.

  16. Reply

    Wow how did Nicki get so light….She definitely had to have had her skin bleached….FACT!

    • Reply

      Makeup lots of it.

  17. Reply

    Nikki fuck the haters and be true to you.

  18. Reply

    I’m a 15 year old boy, first time seeing this and all I have to say is…….????loving it!!!! #ThickeyNicki

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    It’s a shame this woman needed to have such dramatic changes done to her young body and even before having any children. However due to the fact that she is amongst the sea of talentless performers we folks continue to make rich beyond their wildest dreams, I guess she needed something to grab the public’s attention. What a sad world we are living in. Long gone are truly talented performers who needed to only share their true God given talents with the rest of us.

  20. Reply

    This is so funny! I hear I thought she had this huge ass, when really she doesn’t have anything! Or at least she didn’t.. It’s unfortunate that such a pretty girl felt she needed to do this to her body out of low self esteem. Love what you got.

  21. Reply

    Exactly samantha…in my opiñion her ass looks gross. Some people say she is a “good person” but what kinda good person bashes on other peoples looks? ” Fuck the skinny bitches” like really nicki?? Haha i guess shes just insulting her old self…skinny girls can have a great body too…they dont need to have a big plastic ass like nickis.

  22. Reply

    OMG! Hatters, Hatters, Hatters……….
    Everybody respect other’s, it’s Niki’s decision to do what she wants to do with her body! Care about yourself, NOT OTHERS?

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    But what’s the problem with plastic surgery as it is a common thing between humanity and u all are judging her just because she’s famous.Beyonce has implantsjust,Blac Chyna,among many others.Don’t judge someone that likes to show their body,that isn’t a crime.And this website is hating on her too like what’s the big deal? Yeah she might have had surgery and??
    Stop adding implants as if it is so EXTRA to someone’s body,or if it makes the person automatically “fake” when there are a bazillion other people in the world with surgery.Only because she’s famous it does not mean that she’s fake and ordinary people aren’t.Stop with bullshit and grow up.
    At the end of the day if that makes her happy then we should be happy too because we can see that there’s one more smile in our world

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    I don’t think she has talent at all. I’ve seen her interviewed and she’s dumb as dirt. If your whole body is fake, you are fake. So weird.

    • Reply

      Nah Sally unger just cause her ass and boobs might be fake doesn’t mean she’s as a person is fake. If you think that than you are just plain stupid. Sorry not sorry.

  25. Reply

    Guys just shut the fuck up already! So she has a big ass and boobs. So its her fucking life and let her be. She will suffer the consequences later in her life and not you. Let her be her and just worry about yourself. Don’t judge her cuz I bet one of you will get plastic surgery to get a big ass or boobs or both! So just keep your fucking comments to yourself and just go on with your life ok?

    • Reply

      Guys…we arent created all the same,if that was so life could be boring…imagne fat bitches all around or rather skinny bitches allover…theyl be nothing to even argue about…we gotta appreciate everyone as they are with nothin to worry about…personally am skinny and loving it.i easyly fit in many dresses and trends…i got fat friends…bt i dnt judge them

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    I don’t care what people say. If u got to have surgery to make yourself look better than u just a fake ass hoe. Biggest sign that shows she is a hoe is that ass. She flaunts her ugly ass to men and makes sly remarks in her songs about fucking whoever she want. Hoes will sleep with whoever. And that’s just nasty. She ain’t cute. Fake or not fake. She a nasty ass Hoe.

    • Reply

      Kali’Anna, I bet that when you get a little bit older and you get a saggy ass and saggy ass tits you will get surgery. And just cause she did does not make her a fake ass hoe!!! It’s a damn shame that y’all who are hating on Nicki, don’t really see that she ain’t the only famous person to get surgery done and yet you ain’t hating on them, instead you are ain’t on Nicki for her just being her self. It’s a damn shame. It’s horrible that y’all are hating on just her when there are other famous or not famous people doing it. But than again I guess you don’t know the not famous people who have, but y’all also don’t know the famous people to. It’s funny that y’all can’t say these horrible things to her face. Cause I’m sure y’all are just scared little pussy’s. ???

  27. Reply

    y’all flat ass skinny bitches is just jealous coz you got nothing. She has done what she wants with her body and that’s none of your business.Y’all should really mind your own fucking meaningless business.And to all those who judge “fat girls”, you should really take a good look at your flat chest in a mirror before making your jealousy public and calling it teasing.Nicki’s talented and if you cant see that then you’re just a blind hopeless hater.Besides,it just a song and those are the shouldn’t take it personal. all your stupid blabbing isn’t gonna change anything.

  28. Reply

    Why is most of y’all hatin for?? So what if she did an operation ? you skinny flat chested no ass bitches just mad bc she got somethin and y’all dont ?

  29. Reply

    Am I missing something here? How is a skinny girl who has had loads of plastic surgery to enhance her breasts and ass making big girls feel good about their bodies? Yeah when you put on weight you get a bigger ass and boobs but the rest of you puts on weight proportionally too no girl with ass and boobs that big naturally would have the slim waist, legs etc to go with it. Not explaining myself well but it is all fake at the end of the day, very few people look like that and I do think it is wrong for her to suggest men are only interested in a certain body type instead of just embracing natural beauty. It just further increases the pressures on women to look a certain way when people do unnecessary surgeries to make themselves more sexually attractive to me. Our self worth is not determined by how sexually attractive we are or how many men would fuck us.

    • Reply

      When i was 11 I was a 34d and my backside wasn’t small either. I was on the swim team and boy what you talkin’ bout.

  30. Reply

    Niki– her butt just wrong y go too the extreme of what she has done to her body it wrong an horrible ppl should be happy with what they are born with.. My 3 year calls it disgusting.. N it is .. Wonder what he will look like @ 60 with an ass like that ..

  31. Reply

    OK….wat is up wyt u pple?? Nicki is fake???! Y’all ain’t say nothing about MJ in his tym n rumor has it his nose fell off!! Wat could possibly b less fake dan Nicki she supports women of all sizes n y’all r here choosing sides btwn skinny n fat chicks….she’s great and if she wants to have firm boobs at 82 DAT don’t flab good for her!!!

  32. Reply

    Y do u guys care wat she did and wat she didn’t ya all r dipshit assholes wat she did was her choice move wid the world or die with your flat…. She did wat she wanted ande she looks perfect ? & I don’t give a shit if u like it or not scums ov d wrld

  33. Reply

    Well Said ” SJANE “. I do agree with you but we all have a right to freedom of speach. I actually googled dose Niki have butt implants and found this post. I oviouslly was curious and questioning it. Im sorry but I think it’s Fyi her butt is discussting. Hell it needs it’s own area code. Nasty !!!!

  34. Reply

    Nicki u rock bby, ofcos fuck the skinny bitches with their stinking attitude. I also hv n ass that makes me drive a new car every 3yrs so what? N um thinking of a surgery too. Fine u skinny bt um gonna tel u 1thng, u fake bcos ur heart wish 2 b on nicki’s shoes.

  35. Reply

    I dont see how the song is cheering fat girls on, it just talks about big butts. I know some big girls with flat butts and skinny girls with big butts.
    How did the subject of skinny and fat come up? There are skinny girls with big breast and big butts without surgeries and there are some big girls with big butts and breast also some with smaller breast for there size and big flat butts or wide flat butts.

  36. Reply

    life is a place of choice, you can only live by what you choose. Let everyone lived as the wish to live , for the end will be theirs and not of you. Never judge a man for what he/she is doing, for everything in life have there reason for existing.

  37. Reply

    First of all i think all women are beautiful in there on way. 2nd women should embrace their own beauty in every way before changing or altering anything physically. She is a star and she has enhanced her beauty to make herself feel good and stage presence. Of course we all want big nice perky boobs and butt, well it just dont happen that way. This day in time its all about that bass baby and sex sales and if you have the money i say if it makes you feel good to alter or enhance your looks its your prerogative. Every one be nice to one another. Lifes too short to be nasty. Have a nice day. Oh and this fat skinny thing is not cool. All women need to be sister’s.

  38. Reply

    why did you have booty surgey on your butt. Did u want your butt to get bigger or some shit like that. did boys not like you when u didnt have a butt. well guess what if they didnt like me for my personality or my size then fuck them i would never did what you went through thats just said. like fr fr if boys didnt want me for me then they need to get the fuck up out my face u just want your butt to be really big so boys can like you for your dirty big ass butt. thats all i gottta say just know some shit is in your got damn head since u went and had plastic booty surgey on your butt.

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