Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Picture

Nigella Lawson is known for her presence as a chef on her many television shows and her friendly, warm persona, but many are starting to suspect that she’s changed more than just television shows and her husband. Nigella Lawson wasn’t always a television personality. Before she did her famous cooking shows, she’s been a food and book critic, freelance writer, and bestselling author.

Nigella has always appeared to be fresh faced and beautiful, but she’s well into her fifties now and not much has changed. In fact, she’s looking better than ever. Many people are wondering if she’s resorted to plastic surgery to keep and even enhance her physical appearance. She is certainly no slouch in the looks department, as she’s known for her feminine and attractive beauty.

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sources allege that she has undergone plastic surgery in order to treat bald spots on her head. But there are also a number of other rumors running rampant out in the public. Lawson, 52, has smooth skin and plump lips still and looks more like a woman of her early forties than a woman in her fifties. She still has that youthful appearance and glow, and indeed looks better recently in photos than the same photos of her a year ago in which she looks tired and overworked. Lawson still has a smooth and tight face without any wrinkles, indicating she may have opted for the commonly done cosmetic procedure Botox, which would have taken care of any lines or obvious signs of aging. A facelift may also have been the case, lifting the face and making her appear youthful and revitalized still. Her plump lips indicate that she may have had Juvederm injections or even perhaps Restylane lip injections in order to give them the full, glossy shape.

While many contemplate and wonder about what and where exactly Nigella may have done, Nigella herself attributes her healthy look and slightly different face to eating healthy and an extremely conscious lifestyle. Regardless of whether she has gotten the plastic surgery or not, she has a large and a strong base of fans who will likely be sticking by her side whether she admits to having gotten cosmetic enhancements or not. Regardless, her eyes look wider, her cheeks look fuller, and her lips look plump and juicy. One thing’s for sure, she certainly looks younger than her age and is still a media darling and star.

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