Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before & After

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before & After

Nikki Cox has been rumored to have plastic surgery to boost her appearance. Nikki Cox, 35, has been speculated to have lip & cheek implants, boob job (breast implants), facelift and Botox injection as well.

If we are taking a comparison of her photos, it is obvious that her appearance has changed. Nikki’s lips are looking much bigger and fuller. If we are comparing her old photo and the new one, it seems that her upper lip has been reduced and the lower lip has been augmented, giving her an awful and unnatural look.

In addition to having lip job, it has also been mentioned that she has undergone a boob job (breast implants). As the indication, Nikki’s breast appears bigger and pushed up a bit which is not the help of push-up bra.

Nikki Cox Breast Implants

Moreover, some celebrity watchers also claimed that she is possibly having eye lift, as her eyes look smaller and overly tight. Nikki’s cheek also looks plumped which could be the result of cheek implants.

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Disaster

In some new photos, we can also notice that she is free from wrinkles, small lines or other aging signs around her face and forehead are. It makes us speculate that she is likely having Botox injection as well.

According to reports, Nikki Cox initial plastic surgery was a boob job (breast implant) in 2005, then she continue the experiment with other surgery procedures like Botox injection and facial fillers. All the procedures were done well, until she got a bad decision to have permanent lip fillers in 2008.

New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo told “She obviously appears to have some filler in her cheeks and lips”.
Star magazine also claimed that Nikki Cox is likely having fat injection to her cheeks and more than three fillers injected into her lips.

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Photos

Well, Nikki Cox was naturally beautiful before she decided to have overdone lip enhancement.  Plastic surgery may help you to look better, but whenever it is overdone, it will become a boomerang for you. For Nikki Cox case, I think she should stop to have another surgery procedure, unless it will create her own caricature.

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    She looked so much better before. Now she looks like bees stung her lips.

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    Her Overly Stuffed Guppy Lips are a Joke!!! She IS creating a Caricature Look! She WAS Beautiful, VERY PAST TENSE! Now she is Something Unreal that people keep staring at, even though they are disgusted. Same as when you can’t seem to look away from a train wreck, except she creates lauighter and finger pointing!
    She REALLY should try to go back to her original looks, where she was beautiful naturally! Why did she do this awful thing to herself? Why doesn’t her family or husband step in and get her some help? Is her inside self as lopsided and delusional as her outside self obviously is?

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    I just found this article. Had suspicions of surgeries when watching Nikki on tv show Las Vegas. The person who did the surgeries should have been horsewhipped! They are the one who talked her into lip fillers and cheek fillers and all that crap! Grrr!!! Nikki was the most beautiful young woman I had ever seen and I wished I looked like her. Cannot believe she let some “snake oil salesman” do this. Luckily, fillers usually depreciate/erode/wear away so soon she would have her old lips back and cheeks that don’t push against her eyes. I have high cheekbones like the ones she got. Need to find a recent photo of her now.

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    What the hell is with these Hollywood morons messing with their lips. Why would you want fat lips? To look more like a nigger? Angelina Jolie is ridiculously overrated and always has been

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    Mike has distinguished himself with some pretty ignorant assertions in defense of his point, but ironically, ignorance aside, I happen to agree with his basic point. As the old folks used to say, even a broken clock’s right twice a day.

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    Mike, as you so put it why look like a nigger, because it is as and always will be because you crackers are jealous of us black people and always have been. Now big booties are okay. That is why slavery was so ugly and awful and why you hateful people did such disgusting things to us physically and sold our families and separated us from our families.Cut off our feet and burn and branded us your people are so animals and you claim you are afraid of us. I can give you credit for your honesty and I feel the same toward your people to.

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