Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before & After

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before & After

Raquel Welch plastic surgery brings a surprising change. We can differentiate between her old photos and new one because plastic surgery that she did bring extreme difference. She gets more than one plastic surgery, so her appearance changes dramatically. Raquel Welch who has been 73 years old still looks amazing in new appearance. Nowadays, she looks fresh and young as if she is in the 30s. Do you wonder what makes her look so amazing? Find the answer in this post.

When rumor about plastic surgery undergone by Raquel Welch appears, public enthusiastically wait for clarification of the actress. But in fact, she denies the rumor whereas the evidence of her significant changed look is clearly seen. She says that she has diet, yoga or consuming healthy food every day. It is right, if healthy lifestyle will lead you to gain perfect beauty naturally. However, our eyes cannot be cheated with her natural and healthy beauty tips. Her photos show an excessive change that is impossible caused by common ways like diet or exercise.

Based on the photos of her past and present, we can see facelift that probably she did. Botox injection is useful to make face looks tight, fresh and young for a long time. Compare her photos in several years ago and her photos in present, you will see her face now is puffier. Somebody assumes that she has added filler into her cheeks.

Botox injection that she did works optimally because now her skin seems fresher and tight. Filler injection that she probably did reduces wrinkles that usually appear as people getting old. Not only facelift, but also breast implants perfectly makes her looks so hot likewise young women. These significant differences are impossible gained naturally. In other words, she probably did plastic surgery that usually applied by celebrities as trend to gain perfect look.

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    It’s easy when you got the money! Bully for them!

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    She looks absolutely amazing. Yes she’s got money but she has always been beautiful. She’s just pulled her skin in tight. No money can shape ypur bone structure. She has that & that’s what makes it possible to make her look like she’s in her late 20’s, nothing wrong with that. A woman looking after herself & looking like she does is a lovely sight & gives us all hope.

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    Late 20s? What picture are you looking at Val?

    She looks great, but c’mon. Let’s not be ridiculous.

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