Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rick Springfield is obviously having plastic surgery to maintain his appearance. During this time, plastic surgery is synonymous with women. But, not for this one story, the famous American singer Rick Springfield decided to perform the plastic surgery on his face. He admitted that he has had surgery as recently reported in the media, and explain the reason why he decided to make some changes on his face. As a public figure, do not be surprised if there is a change in itself may be the subject of conversation is heated and subjected to the media to find out more.

Famous actor when he was joined by a band called the Zoot decided to do plastic surgery because of the encouragement of teen magazines that want to show Rick’s face with a younger image, so Rick perform this operation as a way out. In the confession was not described in detail about what type of surgery performed by Rick. But, these differences can be seen clearly if we compare some photos of Rick in earlier times with a recent one.

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery

Did the plastic surgery show the different look moreover in the 64 years old like Rick Springfield? At his age which is not young anymore, a few wrinkles that arise in the face are the natural thing. But because of the surgery, Rick’s face looks smoother without any wrinkles at all. The different appearance cause a lot of speculation about surgery performed by Rick, and answer the question about what kind of surgery done by him.

A type of surgery that may be performed is on the eyelids. But unfortunately the result returned from the surgery of this section would eliminate eye expression on Rick’s face and Rick admitted some regret after doing some surgery.


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    Whomever wrote this article knows nothing about him. I just saw him in concert last month and he does in fact have wrinkles. The reason he looks so good for a 65 year old is clean living. He takes care of himself….He exercises, eats right and doesn’t do drugs. Please do your research next time before you look like a big fat moron. You know what they say about assuming.

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    He had the surgery at the age of 23, earlier than any of the “before” photos shown. Also he is Australian, not American as the article states.

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    In response to Shelly I have to let you know I looked up this site specifically because I recently saw the movie Ricky and the Flash and was so disturbed by Rick Springfield’s eye surgery it was distracting the whole movie. I am 60 years old and think about having my eyes done all the time and then I see someone like Rick Springfield and change my mind. Whoever did his eyes should be sued! They left him with so little eyelid he looks ridiculous. Sorry just calling a spade a spade.

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