Robin Meade Plastic Surgery – Did She Really Have Surgery?

Robin Meade Boob Job

There is rumor that Robin Meade has had some plastic surgery procedures. Really the public seriously believes that she had to have Botox or breast implants. She is 45 years old and has no wrinkles at all. She is one of the most gorgeous TV news anchors in media today. She actually has been voted as the prettiest news personality.

But the question remains, has she had plastic surgery? Her face is younger and wrinkle free, too perfect for a woman at her age. She looks at least 10 years younger than her age. It is rumored and believed that she has had Botox or a facelift. Women everywhere are envious and talking about how she looks so gorgeous at 45 years old.

Robin Meade Plastic Surgery

Robin Meade Plastic Surgery

There is also controversy about her breasts being implanted. Viewers say that hers before and after photos are definitely different. That her bust size is much larger, more perky and younger. One suggestion is that she had a breast lift rather than implants. But no one knows what she has or hasn’t done. She has not publicly talked about any cosmetic enhancements.

Of course she is beautiful and has every right to choose to enhance herself. Let everyone speculate and argue about their opinions, but ultimately it is a personal choice whether or not to have plastic surgery. There will always be differing opinions about surgery, some people think it is as normal as wearing makeup, others think it is wasteful and spoiled.

Robin Meade Plastic Surgery Photos

In the cutthroat business of news casting, acting and other public figures that are expected to be gorgeous there is much more surgery and enhancements than you may realize. Some women are very comfortable with their bodies and do not have a personal need for perfection. Other women are not so secure in themselves as God created them. Personally, some people think that it is our society that is warped and creates insecurity about physical appearance. That we put pressure on people to need to be gorgeous and perfect.

Age is another factor that causing people to seek out plastic surgery and body enhancements. Our society again has created the need for youth and beauty and outside appearances to be perfect. So as women that are in the public eye get older, they feel the need to try to stay young looking to stay popular. As women, especially, reach a certain age, they start to think that they won’t be pretty enough to stay popular. So they seek out ways to stay young looking.

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