Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sandra Bullock plastic surgery before and after

Sandra Bullock has become one of the highest paid actresses in the world based on her girl next door appeal and natural beauty. Sandra has denied all rumors of plastic surgery, but early on in her career her fan base noticed obvious changes in her nose, so drastic that the change could only be attributed to a nose job (Rhinoplasty). Sandra’s nose became noticeably thinner and more shapely with an obvious upturned “button-like” end. Sandra has consistently denied this surgery, however it is nearly impossible to not notice the drastic change at the beginning of her career.

Sandra is approaching nearly 50, however she still professes to have never gone under the surgeon’s knife, even with smooth and flawless skin. She attributes her flawless appearance to a good skincare regimen and healthy lifestyle, however many famous plastic surgeons feel her attractiveness is attributed to less than natural aging. Opinions vary, however there seems to be some consensus that Sandra has likely used either Botox or benefited from a facelift, giving her smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Although she does not have the frozen look many celebrities receive from Botox, she does have an unnatural lack of wrinkles for her age.

Sandra Bullock plastic surgery

Some unnamed sources have advised popular magazines that Sandra has chosen to utilize plastic surgery over the past decade to preserve her naturally beautiful looks. Others have advised that competition from younger women has forced Sandra to use surgery to prevent the natural effects of aging in order to attempt to retain the men in her life. Others have stuck by Sandra’s side and denied all plastic surgery rumors. Regardless of the reasoning, if Sandra has chosen to utilize plastic surgery, her specialist appears to be highly skilled and she has avoided many of the pitfalls of frequent cosmetic treatments, retaining a fairly natural look.

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    At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite – why do people spend their time on these things? I was curious if Sandra had plastic surgery cause her nose really is so dang cute…lol – but this article filled with speculation and lacking any facts is so ridiculous and outrageous – whoever writes these things needs to get a new life cause this article is beyond shallow and a complete waste of time. If you can’t dazzle us with brilliance do not write it – it is rude and borders on evil : |

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