Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before & After

Sharon Stone is perhaps one of the most iconic actresses ever to appear in movies. Apart from her acting prowess, she is also known for her astonishing good looks, as she is regarded as one of America’s most beautiful women. Over the years, people have debated over whether Stone has had cosmetic enhancements that improved her looks. The truth is that Sharon Stone plastic surgery is simply a rumor, as this classic beauty never went under the knife in the name of vanity.

Granted, she admitted to having undergone surgery to hide a nasty scar she got from a horseback riding accident in her 20s. Apart from this, however, she has remained respectful of the limits of her body and the consequences of aging. That said, she admits to having a rigorous fitness and beauty routine, which includes weekly facials, using high end beauty products (creams, serums, etc.), and an excellent diet and workout program that allows her to keep a stunning figure.

Sharon Stone Breast Implants

Clearly, the Basic Instinct star is one of the very few people in Hollywood who actually made it through without changing the way they look. Already in her mid-50s, Stone can put many women half her age to shame with her fantastic body and youthful face. While she has developed lines over the years, her face is still the hallmark of classic American beauty. True to her bombshell persona, she maintains a fit and agile body without the help of such procedures as liposuction, tummy tuck, and other enhancements.

She has mentioned in a number of interviews on TV as well as magazines that she has been repeatedly approached by plastic surgeons who are offering to sponsor a face lift for her in exchange for endorsing their practice. Stone has turned all offers down since she is all but scared of going under the knife regardless of the potential rewards.

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