SNSD Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

SNSD Plastic Surgery - Taeyeon

It makes sense if SNSD plastic surgery is true. Not only in America but also in Korea, plastic surgery is overwhelming. Many people, especially women in Korea often do surgery. They don’t care of hurt feeling as you get surgery. They just believe that it is an effective and fastest way to change a common look into an interesting one. Korea is regarded as a country that offers a great result of surgeon’s knife. Most of the actresses and actors get any kind of cosmetic enhancement. Members of SNSD, Korean girl band have been known that they got surgery.

SNSD Plastic Surgery - Tiffany

Korean surgery commonly happens nowadays. Even, teenagers who are growing up have surgery too. Fans of actress or actors tend to imitate their idols’ lifestyle. Therefore, fans of Korean celebrities usually change their appearance in order to be similar to their idols. SNSD drastic transformation has probably inspired their fans to get surgery too. What do surgery procedures they have? People assume that pretty faces of SNSD members are natural. But in fact, they have done it, so their appearance seems perfect.

SNSD Plastic Surgery - Yoona

We all surprised knowing that pretty look of SNSD is not natural. They perform confidently and beautifully every time. No one realizes that their beautiful appearances are caused by surgery. The plastic surgery is not a weird thing because it often happens. Korean, especially women often repair the shape of parts of the body in order to be prettier.

SNSD Plastic Surgery - Jessica

Taeyon is one of SNSD member that changes her eyelid. She also gets surgery on her nose. Yoona has got surgery on her jaw line and nose. Jessica gets the same surgery likewise Yoona does. Tiffany’s surgery includes eyes and nose. Hyoyon decides to change eyelid, jaw line, nose, lower lids, and lips. All of them look beautiful. Their beauty looks natural, but it is not. What do you think? Are they growing naturally or just good surgeon?

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  1. Reply

    I dont think yoona is take a surgery before

    • Reply

      Are u sure? dont just jump into conclusions. We dont know anything yet. And if ever they really had a surgery, just accept the fact. Dont be such a BIAS. Shes just ur idol, not ur life that neede to protect.

      • Reply

        Doesn’t the same apply to you, to not jump into conclusions? Fact is, nobody can be sure, it’s all just speculations.
        People are way too fast to jump into conclusions when it’s about Koreans (esp idols) having had surgery, while all the actual unbiased international analytical reports point to the fact that the difference between the number of Americans doing surgery and Koreans doing surgery is fairly small (percentage wise).
        In other words, often the perceived beauty upgrade for many Korean idols and celebs may often be nothing more than access to professional make up and styling, just like it happens to be for American celebs and artists.

        I don’t really care whether a celeb or idol has done PS or not – it’s their life, and you only have 1 life, so do what you feel you have to do with it. But when I see they have cute/pretty pictures when they were a kid or early teen – and not just that 1 or 2 ugliest teen pics that keep being shown – then to me there’s enough reason to believe that idol has done little to no PS, at least enough for it to be possible.

    • Reply

      Im yoongie fans.i luv her very much.but obviously she get the treatment package from time to time until now.thats why her cheeks, jawline, chin, forehead,eyes n nose often looks so different each time.thats needed for an artist as popular as n cosmetic surgery is not uncommon thing in south korea u know.from along time ago so many korean people done ps.

  2. Reply

    This is what we called as puberty nd make up artist job ! They still look the same . it just that they are prettier , taller , more mature when they become an adult . I dont think they had done a ps . But they do so , still they are on top of the world because the talent that they have

  3. Reply

    I think yoona did plastic surgery especially her jaw line…

    • Reply

      No no yoona didn’t, her jawline is the same as before

      • Reply

        Not really, she had past pics with rounder jawlines, now it’s sharper. Also her nose has become more defined.

  4. Reply

    Ii think yoona have plastic surgery only in her nose

    • Reply

      Theres my friend whose done ps say, yoona’s looks overall had already done, even her waist.but cuz i love her from the bottom of my heart, i just ignore the insult.yoona has talent thats why we love yoongie right??

  5. Reply

    Guys it doesn’t matter wether they had a plastic surgery or not. We r no one to interfere in their lives. They rock becaz of their talent….not their looks(well,maybe but it doesn’t matter) so get over it!

    • Reply

      Talent? really?! are you for real?. wheres the talent there? its only the physical appearance.. bullcrap that HIDDEN talent!!!

      • Reply

        ? Now it looks like you’re just trolling.
        Vocal talents, musical instruments playing talents, dance talents, acting talents, variety talents, those are all valid talents that count and that are important for idols especially.
        If you don’t think you have to have some talents, simply try to get picked as an idol as 1 among 10,000s of candidates, many of whom are pretty and have some talents in this or that area of performing.

        • Reply

          Yes talent is needed but we can’t deny snsd as a girlgroup is popular cuz of their face, body, n leg too.without that, snsd wouldn’t be as popular as their right now.

  6. Reply

    Yoona… it’s not plastic surgery. It’s called puberty.

    • Reply

      Lets hope so.even if they done surgary, its for the fans.dont you think so?i personally like to see a pretty/handsome face idol or actor rather than the ugly one.but supposedly the natural one not the fake one.but in south korea, plastic surgery is not a taboo thing.its like eating, so common.

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