Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before & After

As with many Hollywood celebrities, Bollywood stars like Sridevi are no strangers to rumors about undergoing cosmetic enhancements to improve upon their appearance. The Indian actress is now in her 50s and has recently made a huge comeback in the Bollywood scene. Indian celebrity tabloids, as well as online blogs, have on many occasions alluded to the fact that she had undergone procedures such as liposuction and a few others.

The biggest among the Sridevi plastic surgery rumors is that she had a nose job (rhinoplasty) in order to improve the shape of her nose. Based on her recent photographs, it does seem that she had done a lot of tapering on the sides, giving her nose a pointier look.

Unfortunately, the results, while conspicuous are not necessarily favorable since the tip of Sridevi’s nose now look pinched, and the sides appear just a tad deflated. This is rather unfortunate because she is a classic Indian beauty who looked just fine before the nose job.

Sridevi Plastic Surgery

Many stories have insinuated that Sridevi did not choose the right surgeon to do the work, which resulted to the less than desirable outcome. In contrast, Hollywood celebrities spare no expense in terms of hiring the best plastic surgeon who uses state-of-the-art medical techniques to bring about the most amazing results.

Many also claim that Sridevi also got Botox injections for her face in order to smooth out the lines that had started to show now that she has reached the 50 year old mark, which can be alarming to most women.

She maintains, however, that she is all about using natural health and fitness regimens in order to stay fit and youthful looking. Other than her facial changes and the possibility of a liposuction procedure, she looks more or less natural, albeit slightly different from what she looked like a decade ago.

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