Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before & After

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before and After

Stephanie Pratt is an American television personality popular for her role on the reality television show “The Hills.” She is one celebrity that people believe have taken plastic surgery to the extreme. When you look at pictures of Stephanie before she even became famous, her looks are completely different now. She was always a natural beauty though, even more so before going under the knife. When comparing a photo of her in 2008 to one of her in 2010, she looked very different.  The most noticeable difference is her lips.

Before she became famous, Stephanie had very thin lips. They were still pretty, but they were not very full like many female celebrities desire. Many people feel as though she took the lip injections to the extreme and now has “fish lips.” It is believed that Pratt has had multiple plastic surgery operations including breast implants, Rhinoplasty, chin implant, facial fillers, and lip augmentations. She has not confirmed or denied getting plastic surgery, but the transformation is definitely obvious.

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery

Stephanie Pratt is the sister-in-law of Heidi Montag, who is famous for the many plastic surgery procedures she had in 2010. She had 10 procedures all in one day, including brow-lifts, chin reduction, breast augmentation, and ear pinnings. A lot of people wonder if Heidi was an influence on Stephanie’s decision to get her own plastic surgery. Pratt’s transformations began when she was only 23 years old and she is now 27. Even though Stephanie looks completely different than she did before “The Hills,” she definitely still looks amazing. Unfortunately though, her all natural girl next door look was replaced with a look similar to many Hollywood stars. Since “The Hills,” she appeared in “Big Brother’s Brit on the Side,” “Made in Chelsea,” and “The Spin Crowd.” She also appeared in “The Hit List with Stephanie Pratt” in 2012.

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