Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After

Susan Lucci plastic surgery before and after

Susan Lucci plastic surgery has been spreading out recently. Actually this news is not so surprising because there are many public figures get plastic surgery. They prefer plastic surgery offering instant and effective beauty. Nowadays, celebrities including Susan Lucci are tempted to improve their beauty through instant way. They do not care about side effects that possibly arise after surgery. The most essential thing is the beautiful appearance resulted from surgery.

To know the difference between previous and present appearance of Susan Lucci, we need to take her photos in the past and present to compare. Apparently, she had got several procedures to makeover her appearance. That is why she still looks younger even though she has reached 66 years old. First, she had a brow lift so her brow is pulled up nowadays. Second, she had facelift to decrease wrinkles around her face that usually appears as you get older. Facelift makes her skin looks tight and smooth in old age.

Susan Lucci plastic surgery

Let’s see her eyes that look fresh without bag under eyes. Plastic surgery that she did around eyes brings a fresher and younger look. She did perfectly to transform her previous face into better look. Cheek implant was also included in beauty procedures that turn Susan Lucci to be fresh. Botox injection causes her cheeks seem fuller. Besides, Susan underwent chemical peel. This procedure is intended to clean and brighten her skin.

All procedures that Susan Lucci did have changed her to be better and younger even though she is in 66 years old. There are no spots or wrinkles on her beautiful skin because of surgery. We can categorize these procedures are quite successful as Susan wish. Another rumor tells that she also had breast implants and lip filler. Great result of plastic surgery that successfully brings a better look for Susan Lucci does not make her to admit this rumor. It is better for her to answer public’s questions whether she had young appearance naturally or unnaturally?

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