Vanessa Marcil Plastic Surgery Before and After

Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery

Vanessa Marcil was born the daughter of a self-made millionaire and seemed to have everything going for her. She successfully landed a recurring role in General Hospital in 1992. She joined the cast of Beverly Hills: 90210, a cult classic, as the lovely Gina Kincaid. She briefly married heartthrob Corey Feldman and was the envy of many young girls. Even as successful as she seemed, Vanessa has battled addiction throughout her career and struggled with the devastating effects of drugs on family and relationships.

Vanessa has managed to maintain a fair number of current shows and guest appearances, though she has not found the level of success she enjoyed previously. Vanessa does appear to have recovered from her addictions and works with charities to improve the lives of others. Vanessa has recently found herself in the spotlight for reasons other than her hood works, however, her fans and the entertainment media have been captivated by the changes in her facial appearance. These drastic changes seem to imply the use of cosmetic procedures, which is surprising in someone who has worked so hard to empower women.

Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery before and after

It is evident that Vanessa has chosen to use a rhinoplasty, to change her appearance. Her nose is significantly slimmer and more pronounced with the upturned end so popular among celebrities. Her cheekbones are more pronounced and appear to be the result of injectable fillers, adding definition to her face as she combats middle-age and the effects of gravity. Some media outlets have argued that Vanessa has undergone a facelift, however, this does not appear likely, as her face still displays wrinkles. It is likely that Vanessa is using non-surgical procedures, such as dermabrasion, to improve the appearance of her skin. Regardless, her recovery has left her more beautiful than ever.

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