Ally Walker Plastic Surgery – Nailed it or Failed It?

Ally Walker Plastic Surgery

Ally Walker Plastic Surgery Before & After

Mostly known for her portrayal of Agent June Stahl on the FX hit series Sons of Anarchy, Ally Walker is a more or less successful actress who somewhat faded into the Hollywood backdrop in recent years. As with many actresses her age, Ally Walker made the decision to get the cosmetic enhancements in order to look younger and perhaps land more roles on TV or the movies. However, many are saying that Ally Walker plastic surgery was an epic fail, specifically her nose job that seem to make her look older and a lot less attractive. It is a shame because she was aging quite well and has no significant flaws until she decided to make changes on her face.

Ally Walker’s new nose seems to cause her face to have more creases that were not there before the ill-fated surgery. In addition, the fillers made her lips seem disproportionate to her face and somewhat misshapen. Fans of the actress are disappointed and some are even outraged at the results of the surgery. A few of her diehard supporters openly suggested that she sue the plastic surgeon who performed the operation because it clearly did her no favors at all.

Ally Walker’s experience with cosmetic enhancements is proof that one can never be too sure when it comes to undergoing invasive procedures. While the operation may have gone as expected, the subsequent (and permanent) results are not as inspiring. All hope is not lost, however, since there are certain corrective procedures she can have in order to reduce the damage and maybe even put things back where they should be. Then again, based on the results of her first attempts at plastic surgery, Walker might not be as inclined to get another one all too soon. Needless to say, she needs to get another surgeon to do the job.

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  1. Reply

    She was so hot!
    Now she is not!
    Such a shame and poor decision.

  2. Reply

    Her philtrum (the groove under the nose) was completely wiped out and a new “line” seems to have been drawn, and it’s not in the centre, it’s on her left (the right as you look at it). What a shame.

  3. Reply

    I hate her new face and so hate her on rolls like the new love interest on Longmire, please get rid of her, I even hate her voice now!

  4. Reply

    Watching her in Longmire and thought she must have had a stroke, she looks awful…

  5. Reply

    A lot of mean comments here, give the woman a break. None of you will stay looking 25 either.

  6. Reply

    I thought she had reconstructive surgery after a car crash, like Mark Hamill…

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