Christina Ricci Breast Reduction Before & After

Christina Ricci Breast Reduction

Peter Pan Syndrome Personified

Who can forget Christina Ricci as gloom doom child “Wednesday” in The Addams Family movies? Or as the wide-eyed innocent daughter of Bill Pullman in the film “Caspar,” based on the childhood classic cartoon “Casper the Friendly Ghost.” These days, Ricci is all grown up, however recent tabloid fodder regarding supposed breast reduction seems to suggest that the actress wants to maintain her childhood looks.  With plastic surgery rumors running rampant, the main story is the breast reduction procedure, rather than go the traditional breast enhancement surgery that most women want. Ricci claims the rumors are untrue and that she has never had this type of surgery or gone under the knife, photos tend to suggest differently.

“Reading Between the Lines”

Hopefully, if Ricci did have breast reduction surgery, she was careful to hand-pick a surgeon who was experienced and could answer all the questions and concerns that arise with this type of surgery. One of the main things is the inability to breast feed once this procedure has been done. Ricci is still young enough to want to have children, so we’re hoping she reviewed all the potential risks as well as the positives and “read between the lines.”

Christina Ricci breast reduction before and after

Hollywood Must Have Surgeries

Breast reduction and enhancement surgeries run rampant in Hollywood circles, and are probably the number one top surgery requested by women. The second most sought after surgery would be rhinoplasty (traditionally known as “ nose job”) It has been rumored that in addition to having boob job, Ricci also had a nose job. Looking at some before and recent after photos, her once slightly ski slope shaped nose appears to have taken a pugnacious upswing.

Too Young to Appreciate a Natural Appearance

Whether Christina Ricci has had these surgeries or not, her look is definitely changing. We hope she buys into the theory of growing old gracefully instead of trying to drink from the fountain of youth too soon, which would be the case with Ricci. Surgeries performed at her age have the potential to create damage to the skin later in life, and she may find herself wishing she had gone the natural look. If she’s not careful, she will be forever embodied in the “Wednesday” character she brought to life in The Addams Family Flicks. Lest we forget, those movies had a tinge of hilarious horror, and we’re certain Ricci doesn’t want to be remembered that way.

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