Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ivanka Trump plastic surgery rumor is going wild nowadays; many people ask whether the rumor is true or no more than just a gossip. Well, IvankaTrump is from a rich family and has become a famous actress. She has a pretty appearance. Today, she has surprised her fans with her new appearance. Some of her fans said that she is undergoing plastic surgery. The most obvious change is in her nose and breast. They say, she looks prettier than before with a small nose and nice breast, but some say that she looks unnatural and older than her real age. She has totally changed. She comes from a rich family, and then it is possible that she spends her money for plastic surgery.

Ivanka Trump Breast Implants

So, Ivanka Trump has possibly done some procedures of plastic surgery. The current photos from media reports her as always shows that she has done ‘something’ to her nose, breast, and her lips. She is actually looking beautiful without the plastic surgery. But, it looks that she wants to look better. Not only her nose that has changed, but also her breast has changed rapidly. The size and the shape of her breast have become bigger. Her nose and breast change, only can be done by some procedures of plastic surgery. Even though she has not confirmed yet about her new appearance, her new photos cannot lie. They are definitely different. So it is possible that she had breast implants to enhance her breast size and shape which looks perfect.

Ivanka Trump Nose Job

She has experienced under the surgeon’s knife before, then there will be a possibility she uses surgeon’s knife to ‘repair’ her appearance. The recent photos also show her chin which has changed. About her chin that looks sharper, her fans say whatever she has done to her chin, she is still beautiful even more. Here, she may use Botox injection, fillers, liposuction cosmetic surgery and face lift. Her surgery has successfully changed her facial appearance. For this, it has been assumed that she consume medicine or whatever a surgeon gives to keep her surgery prettier.


  1. Criswell Weatherman - November 13, 2016, 2:26 am Reply

    With her money you’d think she could afford a matched set. o O

  2. Clarissa Xiang - November 13, 2016, 2:19 pm Reply

    Those men and women who do not like Trump indicated that Melania Knauss looks okay but she is not pretty at all with or without plastic surgery. Various men and women indicated that Melania has digital ugly square breast implants, plastic surgery and hers were much smaller before that or 31B. Knauss is not pretty and being wealthy is a different issue. As a Chinese girl, I am much more pretty and more gorgeous without the need to use money to cheat. Also, I have a more slender figure, bigger and nicer breasts and a nicer face without cheating like her.

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